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On Tuesday, October 25th share your favourite scary book with All Hallow’s Read, a fun campaign started by author Neil Gaiman.

“I propose that, on Hallowe’en or during the week of Hallowe’en, we give each other scary books. Give children scary books they’ll like and can handle. Give adults scary books they’ll enjoy.” — Neil Gaiman, in this blog post.

All Hallow’s Read is simple. Just find your favourite scary story, new or used, and leave it in a location where you think people will find it (and enjoy it), or share it with a friend.

Here’s more info on All Hallow’s Read.

We’ll be dropping books here in Toronto, and in a few cities across Canada so make sure you’re watching the hashtag #AllHallowsRead and @HarperCollinsCa to see how it goes. Here’s the sticker we’ll be using on the books, if you want to print it off too:

If you share a book this All Hallow’s Read make sure you let us know on twitter!

Happy All Hallow’s Read! Hope you all enjoy a good scare this Halloween.

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  • Anonymous

    I’m giving my grandkids some scary books for Hallowe’en.  Have to find one for myself though.  Any suggestions?  I especially like period pieces such as Victorian Londonor Paris.  Not to much modern day.