The Certified Savvy Read: Secret Daughter!

Back when we first launched the Savvy Reader we asked you to help us choose a guaranteed good read, a book that you would recommend to anyone and everyone, that would join a very exclusive Hall of Fame here on the Savvy Reader.

Read our introduction of the Certified Savvy Read here.

We proposed 5 titles, all with impressive ‘trophy cases’, and asked you to vote for the best. Now, we have the results.

Yes, here we finally name the title YOU threw your weight behind, Liked, tweeted about, recommend to friends, and made it a bestseller across Canada.

Introducing, our first Certified Savvy Read:

Secret Daughter, by Shilpi Somaya Gowda


The clear winner, with 38 Likes, 5 tweets, and a whole bunch of recommendations and comments from you!

“Love this book. I’d recommend it to anyone. A great Christmas gift. Worthy of this award. Keep voting.” – Marion

Why did Secret Daughter get all your attention? Check out this trophy case:

  • A debut author with over 250,000 copies sold in Canada (so far!)
  • It has also been on the Globe & Mail bestseller list for months, and even unseated Stieg Larsson for the top spot!
  • A Heather’s Pick at Chapters Indigo

News & Reviews

Piali Roy’s review of Secret Daughter in the Globe & Mail “The novel is often emotionally poignant, especially when Gowda taps into the losses and fears that both mothers face”

What’s the secret of Secret Daughter?The Globe & Mail explores its’ success

A review from Heather Reisman, Chapters Indigo Chief Booklover

Fun stuff

Shilpi Somaya Gowda on Facebook

Shilpi’s website

Video alert: Shilpi discusses Secret Daughter

PLUS, there’s a new addition — this article from the Globe and Mail here.

Start reading Secret Daughter

Check out our Certified Savvy Read Hall of Fame here. Yes, there’s only one book so far, BUT are you ready to start nominating more? Let us know what you would nominate as a Certified Savvy Read in the comments below.

Thank you for helping us pick our first Certified Savvy Read!

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