Are you ready for the 2012 #50BookPledge?


I hope you are all having a wonderful, relaxing holiday! January 1st brings us a new year, new resolutions, and of course, a brand new start to the 50 Book Pledge. That’s right, all of our counting officially starts back at 1.

Are you taking the pledge this year with us?

Have no idea what I’m talking about? We officially took the #50BookPledge for the first time last year, vowing to make reading a priority in 2011. Here, Cory explains why. Basically, we pledged to read 50 books in 2011, or roughly a book a week. Now, 50 really was just a random number. The real reason we wanted to take the pledge was to track our reading progress over a year, and really make an effort to make reading a bigger part of our lives.

Plus, it gave us the chance to talk books with fellow pledge-rs throughout the year!

How will 2012’s #50BookPledge be different? Well, we have plenty of new ideas and will share them with you later this week! My big goal is to have a big group book pick, a kind of #50BookPledge book club, so that we have one book that we can all discuss. But for now, we have a brand new badge to share with you:

So, are you taking the #50BookPledge with us??

Let us know below, or tweet to us #50BookPledge.

Then, it’s officially time to start Book 1!

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157 thoughts on “Are you ready for the 2012 #50BookPledge?

  1. This will be my first year, I’ll give it a good shot but I have to say that there must be a lot of fast readers on here because I can’t even imagine hitting a + 100 number! 

  2. I just checked and I have over 50 books every year since I started keeping track. But will still take the pledge and promote the pledge! You can follow my progress and see what I have read year by year since October 1995 here.

  3. I have read 4 books and am half way through book 5. Doesn’t sound like very many, but I am also in school so I don’t get a lot of free time to read – most of it’s spent doing homework. Once May comes though I will be catching myself up – I have over 200 books downloaded that I will probably read about 75% of over the Summer break! 

  4. I’m on book #24 and # 25 – I tend to read more than one at a time.  I don’t think I’ll have a problem reaching the goal of 50 books for a year.  It’s my first time taking the 50 books in a year pledge – but since I’m “book obsessed!” (I own 4 e-readers) I didn’t think it would be hard. 🙂  I also have an unfair advantage as I’m not a student (I’m 53) and I’m currently not working – so I do have lots of time.  I don’t watch TV and I LOVE to read!!!!

  5. I’ve read 17 books so far this year, after falling short in 2011 by 3 books!  I find the goal keeps me reading when so many other things compete for my attention.  And I have found some new authors, like Meg Wolitzer, to engage me.

  6. This might just be the spark I have been looking for. I have not read a book in a couple decades but was once an avid reader. I want to get back into it and taking this challenge will make it fun!

  7. just started recently. Is there an FAQ section somewhere? How do you move books from to be read to read, and what if a book doesn’t show up in the search? I find the bookshelf user unfriendly, but like the concept.

    Will see how far I get.

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