A Letter from the Editor of The Carpenter

The Carpenter, the debut novel from Matt Lennox, hits shelves February 28th. Often a lot of “in-house buzz” builds for a book well before it hits stores and that usually starts with a presentation from the editor. We thought it would be fun to reveal that to you for one of those books.

Below, editor Phyllis Bruce talks about The Carpenter:

Dear Reader:

One of the great satisfactions of my imprint is to be able to introduce talented new Canadian writers to you. Matt Lennox has written a stunning first novel, a work filled with foreboding and suspense that fascinates from the opening page.

The Carpenter is by turns violent and wistful as it probes the dark corners of small-town life. Lennox’s ability to capture the motivation and inner turmoil of his characters is superb.  The novel is enlivened with great dialogue and fast interaction and wit – elements that make noir fiction so satisfying. Yet it is also profound in its exploration of good and evil.

Leland King, ex-convict, ex-brother, ex-lover, is trying to make his way back to forgiveness. But will anybody allow him to do this? Matt Lennox has written an unforgettable novel that asks us all to look into our own hearts.


Phyllis Bruce

Click here for more information on The Carpenter.

Click here to visit Matt Lennox’s Facebook page.

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