Quick Tips for Book Bloggers from Dx3Canada

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending Dx3Canada and a presentation on blogging by the wonderful Dave Fleet. I know a few of you Savvy Readers are also book bloggers, so I thought I would share a few tips from Dave about blogging.

I’ve paraphrased a bit, and added my own notes to show how these tips are helpful for book bloggers. Take a look, hopefully these are helpful to you!

Everyone starts small. Remember, even the biggest blogs started somewhere with a first post.

(So if you’ve just started a book blog, stick with it! Keep posting!)

– Be proactive.

Make connections in your area of interest.

For book bloggers there are tons of ways you can connect. Tweet. Make twitter lists of other book bloggers out there. Attend blogger meet-ups in your city. Comment on other book blogs.

Publish your guidelines on your blog.

(A lot of you do this already, but make sure it’s clear what types of books you like, and what you are interested in reviewing.)

Think creatively!

What makes your book blog different? What makes your reviews unique?

There you go! A few tips for you that I learned from Dave Fleet at Dx3Canada.

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