The 50 Book Pledge: January Recap

The first month of the 50 Book Pledge is officially over! According to my calculations to be on track to reach 50 you should be reading Book 4 or 5 right now.

Twitter and Facebook tell me that some of you are already in double digits! Wow! Remember to keep sharing your reviews and recommendations with us. We want to hear all about what you are reading.

Here are a few updates on the 50 Book Pledge:

1)  As you can see, we’re off to a strong start. There are over 1,000 50 Book Pledge twibbons out there! Thank you all for sharing the pledge with your friends and getting them on board too.

2) Many of you have made boards dedicated to the 50 Book Pledge on Pinterest. Can I just say I love this idea? If you have made a board make sure you share it with us! Tweet @SavvyReader.

3) This week we announced our very first 50 Book Pledge Group Read: The Ice Princess by Camilla Lackberg. Over the next month we encourage you to pick up The Ice Princess. (Especially if you love gripping crime fiction!) Here’s a bit more about our choice.

Then, check back here at Savvy Reader. In two weeks we will hold a discussion on crime fiction in general. Two weeks after that (giving you plenty of time to read The Ice Princess), we will discuss the book. There may be prizes for participants so get ready… If you are reading the book make sure you let us know!

“I read this book last year and Camilla Lackberg is a fabulous author. Her whole Erica Falck series is a wonderful read. I recommend this book and all she has written to Mystery lovers anywhere!” — Kathleen (as commented on our FB page)

4) Today we asked participants on twitter their favourite read from January. Here are some responses:

Shatter Me for sure!” – @book_lover1988

“John Steinbeck’s East of Eden. Nice to take on some classics. #2 on my list, #1 in my heart” – @lauriecburns

“it’s definitely the art of racing in the rain. Made me appreciate my furry friend much more. #GoEnzoGo!” – @meera_kat

“so far it’s definitely been Faith, by Jennifer Haigh American Dervish is more than likely going to be my 2nd fave” – @LiteraryHoarder

Let us know your favourite read from January in the comments below!

5) Finally, each month we are going to welcome one 50 Book Pledge participant to talk about how they are doing, books they recommend and why they are taking the pledge. I’m going to get the ball rolling with my own post later this week, but if you would like to do a guest post about the pledge please let me know. We do love guest posts here!

Happy Reading,

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6 thoughts on “The 50 Book Pledge: January Recap

  1. I’m on book #13, & 14, $ 15 – I tend to have more than one on the go at the same time.  Depends on what mood I’m in.  So far my favourite has been Outlander by Dianda Gabaldon.  One of the longest of the books I’ve read but definitely the most interesting!

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