Frenzy: The Reluctant Farmgirl’s Guide to Style

Farmgirl chic is in. Look, just because you’ve ended up on a farm (through absolutely no fault of your own) doesn’t mean you have to start wearing flannel shirts and overalls. Here’s a few tips for the rural girl on the go, even if you have to drive a tractor to get there. My friend Storm (who has a subscription to VOGUE in six languages) would kill me if she read this, so mum’s the word.  Oh, and make sure to look off in the distance a lot and squint, like you’re keeping an eye on your vast ranch (even if you don’t have one).  Guys love that.  Also, it doesn’t hurt at all to know a few chords on a guitar so you can partake in campfire sing-alongs.  Your cool factor will skyrocket.
Yvonne Prinz, Contributing Fashion and Beauty Editor and author of All You Get Is Me.

T-SHIRTS: Rock bands on the front are a nice way to say “Yes, I do get off the farm from time to time and YES, I do listen to cool music.” Make sure that

a) The band members are all still alive (except for Kurt Cobain and Elliott Smith, obviously)

b) The band has NEVER appeared on the Country Music Awards

c) The band or artist has trashed at least one hotel room

d) The band is not ZZ Top.

Makeup: Keep it real. Remember, you’re in Rodeo Princess territory. You don’t want to be competing with them. Less is more.

Footwear: NO heels unless you’re aerating the lawn. Work boots look great with cut-off jeans but make sure you don’t look like you’re trying too hard. Rubber boots are good for rainy days and mud but forget about the flowers. Stick to black or hunter green. No ballet flats, no Uggs outdoors, no Crocs (this one goes for city kids too). Clogs are fine; cowboy boots? Sure, as long they belonged to someone else first (check your local used clothing store. The perfect pair awaits you).

Denim: Used. Sweats: Never.  And I can’t stress this enough: NO Daisy Dukes. EVER. I mean it.

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