Delicacy: A review by Charidy

Ok. It’s no secret in our office (especially among my nearest and dearest colleagues) that I’m a bit of a Paris-junkie. I’ve never been, mind you, but between my love of Chanel, madeleines, Amelie, and the novels of Colette, well, I might be a bit much when I DO go.

So, needless to say, when I saw the advanced readers’ copy of Delicacy featuring a pile of my latest pastry of choice, macarons, on the cover I was intrigued. Plus it’s a tiny little novel and I’m always looking to round out those epics with something short and sweet to beef up my #50bookpledge. Win win, non?

Except that Delicacy is so much more than a little confectionery delight. It’s wonderful. It’s the story of a beautiful young woman, Natalie, several years into her marriage, still happily in love with her husband…until tragedy strikes. The rest of the novel is Natalie quietly nurturing her pain while slowly removing herself from any real personal interaction (friends, family, love). You think she’s a done deal, a gorgeous woman destined to live slightly apart from the world until she meets the disheveled, unambitious—and Swedish—Marcus.

I won’t tell you more…if you’re intrigued, read it. And hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

One last note – you’ll notice that the cover does NOT feature the delicious macarons I described but, instead, has the beautiful Audrey Tautou. That’s because it’s ALREADY been turned into a movie in France starring Ms. Tautou and directed by David Foenkinos (the novel’s author and movie’s screenwriter). I mean really, Amelie herself? It’s like the universe wrote this book for me. But I’m totally willing to share it…with you.

Bonne lecture!

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  1. Great review!! i just heard about it today.. such appropriate timing w/your review! AND it’s about Paris.. perfect for my upcoming Paris month on the blog 🙂 (the DELICIOUS macarons was what drew me to the cover too!)

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