Happy Book Birthday to 40 Things I Want to Tell You!

Today we’re wishing a very Happy Book Birthday to Alice Kuiper’s 40 Things I Want to Tell You.

40 Things is the story of a girl named Amy (aka Bird). Bird has the perfect life: a great boyfriend, happy family, and her own advice column in the school paper. But, a new boy at school might change all that…

Alice Kuipers is the author of Life on the Refrigerator Door and The Worst Thing She Ever Did. She also has a great blog where she shares writing tips and writing exercises.

To celebrate the release of 40 Things I Want to Tell You we’re going to be sharing reviews from 5 awesome bloggers in the coming month, to see what they think of Bird’s story.

Then, each of the bloggers will also be sharing writing tips from Alice herself. Stay tuned, we have an excellent March planned for you, especially if you are a budding writer! We’ll have a schedule coming shortly.

In the meantime, thank you to following bloggers for participating in the 40 Things Reviews & Writing Tips Tour!

Wendy at A Cupcake and a Latte http://mochalattereads.blogspot.com/

Amanda at Stuck in YA Books http://lovesbooksreviews.blogspot.com/

Brenna at Esther’s Ever After http://everafteresther.blogspot.com/

Christa at Christa’s Hooked on Books http://christashookedonbooks.blogspot.com/

Helen at CanLit for Little Canadians http://canlitforlittlecanadians.blogspot.com/

Make sure you’re following @HCCFrenzy to see writing tips from Alice Kuipers and reviews of 40 Things I Want to Tell You.

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