7 Oscar Reads

Need a book to curl up with before the big ceremony on Sunday night? Here are our 7 suggestions for books that will get you in the mood for Oscar Night!

1) My Week with Marilyn by Colin Clark — Will Michelle Williams win the Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of Marilyn Monroe? Read the book by Colin Clark all about his adventures with the legendary Hollywood starlet.  (Note: I read this book last year and was totally swept up in Colin’s experiences with a vulnerable and lost Marilyn, very different from the Marilyn that shone in the spotlight. Williams captures this Marilyn perfectly on screen. ^sp)

2) Hugo: The Shooting Script by Jon Logan — Hugo wowed the Academy and earned itself 11 Oscar nominations, including one for Best Picture. Read the magical story in this shooting script from Jon Logan.

3) War Horse: The Making of the Motion Picture by Steven Spielberg — Brimming with more than 140 dramatic images, this is the stunning, visual companion to Steven Spielberg’s epic adventure, nominated for 6 Academy Awards. See how this beautiful story was brought to life on screen.

4) Harry Potter Page to Screen by Bob McCabe — Can you believe that the final Harry Potter movie is now complete? This book will help feed your need for more Harry Potter, taking you behind-the-scenes on all the movies to show how the magic of the books was captured on the big screen. It’s nominated for Best Visual Effects and this book will show you some of the tricks used.

(Warning: It is a very big book, so make sure it isn’t within throwing distance if you are at all bitter at the fact that the final HP movie wasn’t nominated for Best Picture!)

5) The Art of the Adventures of Tintin by Weta Workshop — This book tells the story of how the people at Weta Workshop transformed the original Tintin stories and artwork into a major groundbreaking film.

6) Anonymous by Roland Emmerich — This is the stunning visual companion to Anonymous, the film that explores the theory that Shakespeare was a fraud.  It’s nominated for Best Costume Design and this book includes commentary from the costume designers about how they captured the Elizabethan look.

7) 100 Unforgettable Dresses by Hal Rubenstein — Let’s face it, some of us just watch the Oscars to see all the fabulous dresses. This book showcases 100 of the most memorable dresses from film, TV, society, and award shows, of course. It also makes a perfect coffee table book.

There you go! 7 books to get you in the mood for the Academy Awards.

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