Life Is Not A Reality Show: A Review by Stephanie

I have become a HUGE, HUGE fan of Kyle Richards since I started to watch her on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and since she’s not the typical Beverly Hills housewife who pays a fortune on their looks and housekeeping, I’ve been wondering how she manages to look camera ready, and maintain a happy marriage with 4 kids while being a  reality TV star.

Well, here is your chance to learn her secrets to beauty, fashion, family, men, and much more in her first book, Life Is Not A Reality Show: Keeping It Real With The Housewife Who Does It All!

Kyle Richards may be born and raised in one of the swankiest neighbourhoods in North America, but she certainly isn’t stuck-up, and she doesn’t over indulge in the extravagant lifestyle Beverly Hills has to offer.  For example, Ms. Richards is unlike many Beverly Hills residents for she actually buys her own groceries, cleans her own house alongside her cleaning lady, does her own hair and makeup, as well as her own manicures and pedicures.

She also doesn’t believe in spending a fortune on cosmetics and hair supplies when you can very easily achieve the same amazing looks and have healthy looking hair by using products from the drugstore.

Want to know how she landed such an amazing husband like Mauricio, and how they manage to keep the fire burning in their marriage after all these years?  Well, if you read her book, you’ll find out how!

She also shares with the reader titbits from her childhood, and how her mother was a major influence on her.  Her mother, “Big Kathy,” instilled in her and her older sisters, Kathy and Kim, the importance of  “carrying yourself like a lady,” and how she never allowed her and her sisters to chew gum in public for “it made people look tough and trashy; if she saw you with gum in your mouth she’d snap her fingers and open her hand and you’d have to spit it out!”

Big Kathy also gave great beauty tips as well.  For example, DO NOT over pluck your eyebrows because they might NEVER grow back.  Ms. Richards shares a funny moment from her childhood to demonstrate the importance of never over plucking your brows, which involves an earthquake, her mother screaming, “My eyebrows!  My eyebrows!” and her ending “up with two question marks on her forehead.”

I highly recommend this funny and heartfelt book to fans of The Real Housewives shows, especially if you’re a Kyle Richards fan like I am.  But even if Ms. Richards isn’t your number 1 favourite Beverly Hills housewife, you will still find this book an entertaining read.

Life Is Not A Reality Show: Keeping It Real With The Housewife Who Does It All by Kyle Richards is now available.

Click here to purchase the book.

– Stephanie

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