Ten Reasons Why You Should Read Pandemonium

Pandemonium, the second book in the Delirium Trilogy, hit shelves on Tuesday and has been making waves ever since. Want to know what all the buzz is about? These Canadian bloggers share why you need to pick up a copy ASAP.

1. Kathy @ A Glass of Wine says:

“Lauren Oliver’s writing is beautiful. It has the ability to break you, make you cry and fall apart. It also has the ability to lift you, make your heart swell and fill you a thankfulness for being able to experience love.”   Read the full review

2. Angel @ Mermaid Vision Books says:

“Lauren Oliver is truly a tour de force when it comes to dystopian novels– Pandemonium will leave readers breathless and amazed once again.” Read the full review

3. Christa @ Hooked on Books says:

“This book kept me guessing and it was filled with twists, just like Delirium.”  Read the full review

4. Jen @ Lost in the Library says:

Pandemonium is “page after page of masterful and vivid writing. I was sad when it ended, and I can not wait for more.”  Read the full review

5. Danielle @ Bookish Notions says:

Pandemonium “is an emotional roller-coaster of adrenaline.” Read the  full review

6. Wendy @ A Cupcake and a Latte says:

Pandemonium “will excite and shock you… [and] have you yelling at the writing Gods for Requiem‘s [the final book in the series] immediate release.”  Read the full review

7. Brenna @ Esther’s Ever After says:

“THERE ARE NO WORDS. I will NEVER be able to properly express my love and adoration for this series. NEVER. Lauren is brilliant, and I am infected with deliria for these perfectly captivating books.” Read the full review

8. @mountie9 @ Rayment’s Readings, Rants and Ramblings says:

Pandemonium is a “totally absorbing read – [it] sucks you in and doesn’t let go.” Read the full review

9. Emma @ Nose in a Book says:

Pandemonium is a compelling read that was darker and perhaps more thoughtful than the original.” Read the full review

10. Anna @ The Bursting Bookshelf says:

“I would recommend this series to anyone who loves dystopian, or just wants a good read … Pandemonium gets a 5/5 for being a great sequel that will keep you hooked until the final page.” Read the full review

There you go, 10 bloggers highly recommend Pandemonium. Want to learn more? Click here.

Plus, you can read an excerpt here.

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