Faction Reading List: CANDOR

Members of the CANDOR faction are honest, free from bias, and strive to achieve an impartial society. They believe that it is only through honesty that we can hope to achieve impartiality. To Candor members, there is no such thing as a ‘little white lie.’ Here are some titles young Candor members will treasure:

Dear Bully edited by Megan Kelly Hall and Carrie Jones

70 authors speak candidly about bullying. No sugar-coating allowed!

Don’t Breathe a Word by Holly Cupola

This powerful novel explores the power of speaking the truth.

The Whole Truth by Kit Pearson

Polly learns that honesty is always the best policy in this new Canadian classic from beloved Kid’s Lit icon Kit Pearson.

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22 thoughts on “Faction Reading List: CANDOR

  1. oohhh these books are awesome! i want t o read “don’t breath a word”right now… it sounds AWESOME!!!! I think Across the universe would be a wonderful read for the candors ­čÖé

  2. When I think of honesty the first thing that comes to mind is when Harry Potter (I think that it was in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix) when he gets the scar on the back of his hand that reads, “I must not tell lies”.

  3. Wow, I really want to read Don’t┬áBreathe A Word. I think any dystopian would fit. ­čśŤ But in the end I decided that The Truth Machine by James Halperin is the PERFECT read for Candor.

  4. Why We Broke Up should definitely be a Candor read. Honesty is so important in a relationship, and this story is a great example of how keeping one’s real feelings a secret can break people apart.

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