14 Books About the Titanic

Did you know that April 14, 2012 is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic?

Wanna learn more? Here are 14 books, including some very special ebooks, that go into depth about this tragic event and the passengers on board, or are fictional books set on board the Titanic:

1. RMS Titanic by Hugh Brewster

The world’s #1 Titanic author Hugh Brewster shares compelling stories about the passengers on board the Titanic who survived and those who did not.

2. Titanic at 100 by various authors

A collectible to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Titanic at 100 brings together news stories, opinions, tributes, survivor accounts, and more, giving a glimpse into the aftermath of the loss of the “unsinkable” ship.

Available on: iBooks, Kobo, Kindle.

3. James Cameron’s Titanic by James Cameron

This New York Times bestseller is being re-released with additional material to celebrate the re-release of James Cameron’s blockbuster movie, Titanic, in 3D.

4. Wreck and Sinking of the Titanic by Everett Marshall

A beautiful masterpiece for any Titanic fan to own, and stunningly designed to replicate the original 1912 publication of this book.  This book gives readers a graphic account of the sinking of the luxury ship, and the many acts of heroism to save the lives of those on board.

5. Voyagers of the Titanic by Richard Davenport-Hines

Richard Davenport-Hines shares untold stories from the first, second, and third class passengers of the Titanic.

6. How To Survive the Titanic by Frances Wilson

Historian Frances Wilson gives a gripping account of the tragic events that followed after “The Unsinkable” collided into an iceberg, through the perspective of the ship’s owner, J. Bruce Ismay.

7. Fateful by Claudia Gray

The wealthy Lisle family are on their way to New York on board the Titanic, and they have brought their maid Tess Davies along with them.  Tess Davies despises her employers, the Lisles, and plans on starting a new life for herself once they arrive in New York.  However, her plans becomes complicated when she falls for Alec, a handsome first-class passenger who has a dark past. Tess soon discovers that Alec is being stalked by werewolves, who are now after her as well. (Yes, this is fiction.)

8. Futility, Or The Wreck of the Titan by Morgan Robertson

This book was originally written in 1898 about a fictional ocean liner called the Titan, which sank in the  North Atlantic ocean after hitting an iceberg.  The similarities between the Titan and the Titanic led Morgan Robertson to re-write the story in 1912.

Many people believe this book predicted the sinking of the Titanic.

Available on: iBooks, Kobo, Kindle.

9. The Loss of the S.S. Titanic by Lawrence Beesley

Written by a survivor, and originally published two months after the sinking of the Titanic in 1912,  Lawrence Beesley shares his personal account of the events that unfolded after the ship hit an iceberg.

Available on: iBooks, Kobo, Kindle, Google, Sony.

10. The Truth About the Titanic by Archibald Gracie

Published posthumously, this is a survivor story written by Colonel Archibald Gracie, who was on board the Titanic when disaster struck the ship. He passed away in December 1912 due to health complications caused by hours spent in a lifeboat waiting to be rescued.

Available on: iBooks, Kobo, Kindle.

11. Titanic by Filson Young

Journalist and writer Filson Young tells the story of the sinking of the Titanic using firsthand accounts from survivors of the tragedy.

Available on: iBooks, Kobo, Kindle, Sony.

12. Sinking of the Titanic and Great Sea Disasters by Logan Marshall

Detailed and accurate accounts from the survivors of the sinking of the Titanic, which is considered to be the most devastating maritime disasters in history.

Available on: iBooks, Kobo, Kindle, Sony.

13. The House of Velvet and Glass by Katherine Howe

In this novel a young woman named Sybil struggles with life in Boston in 1915 after the deaths of her mother and sister on board the Titanic. On sale this April.

14. A Journey in Other Worlds: A Romance of the Future by John Jacob Astor

Science fiction readers might enjoy this novel written in the late nineteenth-century by the richest man on board the Titanic, John Jacob Astor. (Okay, it isn’t technically about the Titanic, but it has a tie-in to the Titanic so it makes this list!)

The story begins in the twenty-first century, where big corporations are using technological advances to improve life on earth, and the spaceship Callisto embarks on a journey through the solar system in search of habitable planets for the growing human population.  The crew makes a startling discovery when they land on Saturn, which will unlock the secrets of the ultimate fate of humankind.

Available on: iBooks, Kobo, Kindle, Google.

Hope you enjoy learning all about the Titanic, its passengers, and the novels it has inspired.

– Stephanie

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