HCC March Madness: We're Down to the Elite 8

It’s time for Round 4 of HCC March Madness! That means there are only 2 titles left in each bracket. It’s getting intense, people!

@HCCLibraryLove: Last week we saw two literary classics face off, To Kill a Mockingbird vs A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. How do you even choose?? Now, in the final @HCCLibraryLove round To Kill a Mockingbird takes on a book that has touched many of our hearts, Emma Donoghue’s Room. Are you voting for Harper Lee’s classic or a story that we think is destined to be considered a classic?

@SavvyReader: The match-ups in this bracket have just been way too close every round. This week, Secret Daughter fought hard but ultimately Dennis Lehane’s The Given Day moved ahead. He is a past champ, after all! The Given Day faces off against the Queen of Mystery herself, Agatha Christie. Last year two Christie titles ended up in the Elite Eight, facing off against each other. Will Christie make it to the Final 4 again? That’s for you to decide!

@HarperCollinsCa: Our first year with a non-fiction bracket has seen some interesting match-ups. Last week it was emotional subject matters versus the practical side of things. Ultimately, Marley and Me, the story of ‘the world’s worst dog’ and Little Princes, one man’s story about his quest to save the orphans of Nepal, both advanced forward. Now, only one will make it to the Final Four.

@HCCFrenzy: Ah, the YA bracket. This is the bracket where we see the most enthusiastic fans. Last week it was a very, very tight race between a timeless classic, Bridge to Terabithia, and the first book in Veronica Roth’s dystopian series, Divergent. Terabithia came out on top, but man, you Divergent fans showed so much passion and enthusiasm! Terabithia now goes head-to-head against another classic that I think made all of us cry: Charlotte’s Web. Two tear-jerkers, only one winner. This is going to be one emotional battle.

So, which books are headed to the Final Four?

You decide!

And remember, you can vote every hour, every day.

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