The Land of Decoration: Our Thoughts

The Land of Decoration by Grace McCleen is one of those books we can’t stop talking about. Much like Room, it is one that we wanted to share with friends and encourage others to read long before it was on sale.

Here’s what some of the HCC staff members & Chapters Indigo employees had to say about The Land of Decoration:

“One of the most unusual and captivating books I’ve read in a while – The Land of Decoration is a book you won’t soon forget.”—Leo, HarperCollins Canada

“Wow. What a super amazing fantastic book. This is a book that you must set the time aside to read because once you pick it up you will not be able to put it down and nothing will be able to distract you from it. The story strings you along by giving you one little tidbit at a time, by making your imagination take over and leading you on in a certain direction then tossing you about and throwing you to the ground. What a super book. Just saying what it is about doesn’t do justice to the emotional ride the author takes you on. Wow. Thank you so much for sending me this treasure and I won’t sleep well until everyone I know has read this book.”—Marjorie, Indigo, Winnipeg

” The Land of Decoration caused me to ask questions about my own faith and what I believe. That’s how powerful Grace McCleen’s story is. Book clubs, you’re going to want to talk about this one!”—Shannon, HarperCollins Canada

“I cannot believe Grace McCleen is a first-time author and I’m captivated by the story. The blend of Judith’s innocence, imagination and faith impacts her reality giving her the courage to stand firm in her belief that she can influence her situation with her power to perform miracles.”—Shelley, Indigo CrossIron Mills, AB

“The Land of Decoration is as disquieting and divine as the world that a 10-year-old girl miraculously constructs within its pages. My heart was in knots and my stomach full of butterflies every time I opened this book.”—Shelley, HarperCollins Canada

“The Land of Decoration, by Grace McCleen, is an amazing story told amazingly well. Written from the perspective of a ten year old girl, this novel grips you from the first page! The narrator, Judith, is going through some very trying times, but she manages to get through them with her vivid imagination, her faith, and a very encouraging teacher. This book will appeal to any reader who enjoys books written in the voice of a child. The author makes Judith come alive and draws the reader into the story immediately. This is a book that you can’t put down until it is finished!”—Ellen, Chapters, Sherwood Park, AB

“Is The Land of Decoration this year’s Room? People have said that—I’ve said it—and comparisons to Emma Donoghue’s book get tossed around a lot these days. But after reading Grace McCleen’s book I’m astonished by two things. One, that a book so tightly and expertly written is a debut novel. And second, that yes, I think many readers are indeed going to love this book as much as ROOM.”—Cory, HarperCollins Canada

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