10 facts you may not know about the Titanic, by Hugh Brewster

Hugh Brewster, author of RMS Titanic shares 10 facts about the Titanic and Titanic Canadian connections you may not know about:

1. Titanic & Avro Arrow:  Winnipeg survivor Ethel Fortune had a son, Crawford Gordon, who became man behind famed Canadian plane.

2. Titanic nightmares: Ethel Fortune lost father and brother, Charles (age 19). She had bad dreams for years of brother flailing in icy water.

3. Titanic & Chateau Laurier: Ottawa’s grand hotel opened quietly due to the death on the Titanic of Charles Hays, president of the  Grand Trunk railroad.

4. Titanic & sexy lingerie: Famous London fashion designer (and passenger on the Titanic) Lady Duff Gordon ––who grew up in Guelph, Ontario––made lacy knickers respectable.

5. Titanic Scandal: Lady Duff Gordon escaped with her husband Sir Cosmo in a boat with only 11 people in it.  Their escape made headlines and Cosmo was branded a coward.

6. Titanic in drag: Two Canadian men survived from 1st Class: Arthur Peuchen of Toronto & Albert Dick of Calgary. Gossips said they “escaped in women’s clothes..”

7. Calgary’s Titanic House: Survivor Albert Dick built a big house in Calgary with curving stairs in front that people said was like the Titanic’s Grand Staircase.

8. Titanic’s Unknown Child: A memorial to a baby found floating at the scene stands in the Halifax cemetery. A 2007 DNA test identified him as Sidney Goodwin. All 7 members of the Goodwin family were lost in the Titanic.

9. Last Titanic Body: Thomson Beattie, age 36, of Fergus, Ontario was found floating in submerged boat 4 weeks after sinking and was buried at sea.

10. Leap of his life: Neshan Krekorian, 1 of 5 Armenians headed for Brantford, Ontario jumped into a boat. Only one other person from his group lived.

— Hugh Brewster

For more facts about the Titanic check out RMS Titanic: Gilded Lives on a Fatal Voyage by Hugh Brewster, or check out our list of 14 Books About the Titanic.

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