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Last year I took the #50BookPledge to challenge myself to make reading a priority. It worked and I had what I consider to be one of my best reading years ever – I mixed it up with fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels and YA. Luckily, I rarely came across a stinker because that number hung over me, reminding me that in order to reach my goal I couldn’t bow to my old habit of needing to finish any book I started. I set a 50 page limit and if a book didn’t grab me then, I cut and run.

And in some cases, I didn’t even need 50.  🙂

This year, my goal is to reach 50 again but to make 35 of them books by authors I’ve never read before. Again, I’m hoping to have these numbers act as encouragement to keep me on a track toward trying something new. I actually considered reading 50 books by 50 authors I’d never read before but then I realized what that would mean: missing out on books by authors I love like Jess Walter, Kenneth Oppel, Arthur Slade, Christopher Moore, Michael Chabon…sigh…maybe I should have made this a #75BookPledge like some of you suggested.

How am I doing? As of mid-April I’ve read 17 books, 11 of them have been by authors I’ve never read before. And thanks to recommendations from Twitter-folk one of those books was the best I’ve read in a long time, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I absolutely loved it and have been recommending it to anyone who asks (and some who don’t).

Still on my list of never-read-before-authors:

Agatha Christie
John Irving
Tom Perotta
Bernard Cornwell

Any more suggestions?

–          Cory
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