100 Words on… Gossip by Beth Gutcheon

Here are 100 (ish) words on Gossip by Beth Gutcheon, a book I highly recommend for anyone who loves character-driven women’s fiction:

Gossip is a beautifully-written story about a dress shop owner, Lovie, and her relationships with her two best friends. It’s a quiet book about the things we say to one another, and how our lives revolve around conversation, secrets, and rumors.

The characters are the best part of Gossip. All three women are so well-developed and feel so real. Lovie, the keeper of secrets, feels like a close friend by the end of the book.

Because the book focuses so much on talk and words among friends, Gutcheon delivers a real curveball in the final chapters of the book. I won’t say anything else, because I want you to have the same ‘Oh my gosh’ moment as I did.  I will say this: no matter how much you rely on words there will always be actions that can leave you totally speechless.

Curious?? Read Gossip!

— Shannon
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