Meeting Brad Goreski

By Jessica

Late last year when I first heard we were publishing a book by Brad Goreski my first thought, obviously, was that he HAD to come to Toronto, and I had to meet him. To those who aren’t so interested in the fashion world, Brad’s name might not mean much. But like many who do love fashion, I fell head over heals for him on The Rachel Zoe Project. What’s not to love about a small-town Canadian fella trying to make it in a difficult industry with crazy hours, crazy stress, who cries when things get too overwhelming and wears bowties more often than not? My friend and colleague, Alicia loves him equally as much as I do, and together we were extraordinarily excited about the book, and kept of fingers crossed for the possibility that he would come to Toronto to promote it. Months passed. He was here briefly for the opening of the Target pop-up store (which both Alicia and I went to) and a television appearance, and then he was gone again. Had we missed the only opportunity we might have?

Well, lucky for me, I had frenzy to fall back on. I design and write some of the mag, and I had gone to the frenzy team with the suggestion that Brad be our first male cover model, and that I would like to do a Q&A with him. Not only would it be exclusive material for the magazine, but I could selfishly ask him questions I was dying to know the answers to—like, is it okay for me to wear my glasses to formal events!?!? Alicia and I wrote a zillion questions and I narrowed it down to something more manageable. After some back and forth it was decided that yes, indeed I would be able to do a Q&A with Brad, but it wouldn’t be over email as I expected. Nope, I would be doing my first author interview over the phone. I. WOULD. BE. SPEAKING. TO. BRAD. GORESKI. ON. THE. TELEPHONE.

Was I nervous? You betcha. And did I wear my best outfit even though he wouldn’t see it? You bet I did. Was I terrified I’d stumble over my words? Yes, and luckily, I didn’t. But I did bring another pal and colleague (and Brad’s publicist) Sonya and Alicia into the interview with me for moral support (and so Alicia could listen to our fave stylist answer questions that she came up with!). It was fantastic, and he was as nice and sweet and genuine as he seems on TV and as I hoped he would be. I was on Goreski cloud 9. And then a few weeks later we found out that Brad would be here, again, for a book event at Brooks Brothers. And the first thing we thought of, obviously, was what would we wear?

Photo credit: Omar Leslie

So Sonya, Alicia and I went to the event, which was fabulous. It was just like any book launch you’ve ever seen in any movie (which does not happen very often in real life, by the way!) There were glasses of wine, hors d’oeuvres, and cookies in the shape of bowties and giant glasses. It was adorable and special, and so very Brad.

And then we met him. And swooned. I introduced myself and thanked him for the excellent interview. (He signed my book “Thanks for helping with the frenzy!”) Alicia congratulated him on being one of the Hollywood Reporter’s 25 most powerful stylists, and Sonya prom posed with him. He signed all of our books, took photos with us, and was basically everything and more than we could have imagined.  The event was fantastic—people shopped, drank, ate cookies, and most of all, celebrated Born to be Brad.

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