A Cookie Battle with Chuck Hughes

By Steph

On Monday night, Chuck Hughes visited The Drake Hotel in Toronto not only to promote his new book Garde Manger, but to judge a cookie battle. The tickets to the event sold out, and even before Chuck made his appearance, his books were sold out too!

Stepping on stage, The Food Network’s star chef from Chuck’s Day Off welcomed and thanked everyone for coming. Afterwards, he signed a few books and posed with excited fans for photos. Then the battle began!

There was ten cookies for him to try and a glass of water nearby to help with all that sugar. He entertained the audience with amusing commentary inspired by his time on Iron Chef. He kept a pretty good poker face on too, but every once in a while he broke into a contagious smile when the audience encouraged him to like their picks.

After he tasted each entry, he picked his top three favourites. And then he picked a winner.

He chose a decadent chocolate-caramel Turtles cookie from a first-time baker.

Once he announced the winner, the audience joined in on the taste-testing. Even though I didn’t get a chance to try the winning cookie, the other entries were mighty tasty!

Towards the end of the night, Chuck signed a few more books. I eventually stood in line as it dwindled to a few people and finally got my chance to have my photo op with Chuck.

Check it out! There’s me and Chuck Hughes!


Click here for more info on Chuck’s new cookbook, Garde Manger.

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2 thoughts on “A Cookie Battle with Chuck Hughes

  1. A friend and I only sampled: the chocolate-cherry cookie, a cinnamon cookie, and a chocolate chip cookie with a brownie center. I personally liked the cinnamon one.

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