Arranged has a new cover!

Last year, 10 bloggers and I read Catherine McKenzie’s Arranged for the Arranged Blog Tour. We had such fun reviewing this book and chatting with Catherine about arranged marriages, Anne of Green Gables, her writing techniques, and much more.

Just a note, if you’re looking for a beach read Arranged is an awesome choice. Here’s a little piece from my review:

“Overall, it was a fun book to sit down with, and I think a lot of women out there will be able to get right into it, and will see a bit of themselves in Anne. At the same time, it also will seriously make you think about love and whether or not we should still believe that love is a fairy tale. I like that Catherine McKenzie takes an honest look at how women view love and relationships, yet still stays hopeful and positive on the subject. Okay, so love isn’t always a fairy tale, but there’s nothing like a good love story to make you smile on quiet Sunday afternoon.”

This year we’ve been focusing on Catherine’s new book Forgotten. (Another great summer read.) But, I have some Arranged news to share too! Arranged is coming out as a weekend edition, aka perfect beach bag size, and has a brand new cover:

(I like the ‘Happily Ever After?’ tagline)

Here’s last year’s cover too:

What do you think?

And, if you’re a fan of The Bachelor/Bachelorette TV shows (like I am!) you’re going to love this post from Catherine about crazy contestants:

The 9 Craziest ‘Bachelor’ Contestants by Catherine McKenzie — Huffington Post

Finally, Arranged is now on sale in the US. Check out this interview between Catherine and EW’s Shelf Life.

Haven’t read Arranged yet? Here’s your chance! Take a peek inside the book here.

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