The #50BookPledge: June Update

Can you believe it’s already June 1st?! We are officially 5 months into the #50BookPledge! Thank you all for continuing to tweet what you’re reading. I love hearing about the books you’re choosing, which ones you loved, the ones you read in one night, and just your thoughts on the pledge itself.

Technically right right you should be somewhere between 20-23 books to be right on track. I know some of you are way past 50. So amazing! Some of you have even pledged to read 100 books this year. (Not me, I’ve read 23 books so far and am right on track to 50, but definitely not 100!) 

If you’re not at 20-23 yet, don’t worry! I always get a lot of reading done in the summertime so I’m planning to spend a few days on a dock in the sunshine with a pile of books beside me. (Sounds pretty perfect, right?)

Here are two books I HIGHLY recommend:

1) Canada by Richard Ford. This book is a masterpiece! Set in Canada, beautifully written, compelling characters, and a story that involves robbery, abandonment, and murder. What more could you ask for?!

2) The Shoemaker’s Wife by Adriana Trigiani. I loved this book! I even posted a review of it here. Great, great, GREAT choice for a summer read.

Here are two books that I think everyone should watch for:

1) Charlotte Street by Danny Wallace. This book is so, so funny. It’s coming out in June and I just personally can’t wait to see what you guys think of it. It’s definitely been one of my very favourite reads of 2012!

2) Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter. This is the book we can’t stop talking about around here. You know I’m a fan of Jess Walter and like everything he does, but this book just blew me away. It’s funny, it’s smart, it’s emotional, and it even takes you on the set of Cleopatra. Intrigued? It’s on shelves June 12th.

How about you? How many books have you read so far? Any that you recommend/can’t wait for?

Tell me in the comments below. I may even send one of you Charlotte Street!

And remember, keep tweeting your reads with the hashtag #50BookPledge.

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11 thoughts on “The #50BookPledge: June Update

  1. I’m on book 30! I have has a dry spell recently. I can’t concentrate to read so I took a bit of a break. I’ll be back at it soon hopefully!!

  2. I’m making a 366 book pledge… and I am on book 176. I’m definitely adding some of your recommendations!

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