Top 10 drinks & snacks to have while reading

Do you sometimes get a craving in the middle of your read-a-thon or thirsty while flipping through the pages of your book? Do you ever find yourself avoiding snack time while reading because you feel so protective of your book you fear the possibility of water stains or smudges on the pages?

Well, have no fear because I have compiled a list of some tasty (and safe) drinks and food to have while you read!



Green? Chai? Chamomile? Tea is usually a bookworm’s go-to drink.

Chocolate Milk

Drink it hot or cold. It’s a good solution for anyone who craves a bit of chocolate but wants to avoid smearing chocolate over the pages of their book. For anyone a little extra paranoid, a straw may be your best friend!

Fruit Smoothie

Want something refreshing? Have yourself a smoothie. All you need is some yogurt and some of fruit of your choice. Add a bit of your favourite fruit juice or some honey for taste.



Reading a book is a lot like having a movie play in your head. Enjoy the show that your imagination plays in your mind and snack on mini pretzels or non-buttery popcorn to satisfy your cravings.

Grapes or Dried Fruit

Looking for something healthy? Gather some grapes already plucked from their stems. Dried fruit is easy and mess-free too. While you’re at it, gather some of your favourite dried fruit, nuts, marshmallows, maybe even some dried cereal—and make your own trail mix!

Gummy Candy

Are you a sugar fiend? But are you wary of getting sugar bits between the pages of your books? Go with some gummy candy like gummy worms or gummy bears.

Veggies & Dip

Before you sit down to read, gather some baby carrots, cut up some red or green peppers, and cucumber slices. Then, pick your favourite dip. This is a healthy snack you can eat with one hand and hold your book in the other. If you’re worried about water stains, keep a napkin on standby.

Granola Bar

Peel the wrapper like a banana, allowing it to be low enough so you can enjoy the granola bar as well as not having to continuously peel the wrapping while you read. This way, you can read your book, munch on a tasty treat, and most importantly, you won’t get your fingers dirty and your book stays mess-free.

Cheese cubes & Crackers

It’s an easy snack to prepare and mighty tasty. Worried about crumbs all over the place from the crackers? Keep the cheese and pair it would some grapes.


Why not treat yourself to a cupcake? Whether you make them or buy one, reading can be a celebration. Make a toast in honour of the teachers and your parents who took the time to teach you to read. They’re the reason you can enjoy new worlds and fantastical characters in the books you read.

What are your favourite drinks and snacks to have while reading?

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Enjoy snack time and happy reading!

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 drinks & snacks to have while reading

  1. I’m all about the popcorn…but totally a butter-y fiend. Also love me some seasonings. Salt + pepper, cajun seasoning, those random dip mix packets every kitchen seems to accumulate (surprisingly delicious, BTW).  

  2. Suckers have been my go-to for a reading snack since I was a kid. Tootsie Pops and Blow pops are my favorites. They’re flavorful, mess free, they last a while AND there’s a sweet surprise in the middle that’ll last you a little while longer (I tend to get to the sweet spot in the middle right when the story starts getting juicy! I love that!). DumDums are good, too. Though, by the end of my reading session I’m bound to wake up in a pile of wrappers.*

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