100 Words on… Island of Doom

I like taking gambles on new reads and will even completely judge a book by it’s cover and buy it on faith.

But it’s really nice to have those books in your back pocket that you know, undoubtedly, you’ll love. For me, those are books by Arthur Slade.

Here’s the funny back story: years ago I read Book 1 in this series The Hunchback Assignments in manuscript form and absolutely loved it. We worked with a Grade 7-8 class to launch the series (the highlight of which was this cute video).

Three books later and I’m the biggest Hunchback fan there is. The series is perfect for the type of young reader I was: reluctant. Action-packed with tons of great literary allusions and extremely well-written (Art has won nearly every award there is, twice) this is exactly the kind of series that could launch a child on a lifelong love of books. I mean that sincerely. It’s Treasure Island, 20,000 Leagues … classic adventure!

So, I’m a big fan of Modo the secret-agent hunchback who battles his own feelings about his disfigured appearance as well as the evil Clockwork Guild. And since Hunchback #1 I’ve been gently teasing Art about how I thought the series would be best served if a character was named after me. (Never going to happen, right?)

Except, the below happened as I “live-tweeted” my reading experience of book IV, Island of Doom.

I won’t ruin anything for you, whether or not Sergeant Beatty dies or saves the day. But either way, I think there’s potential for an entirely new spin-off series. And of course, if Arthur Slade is writing it, I’m reading it.

– Cory
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