100 Words on… Eve by Anna Carey

Here 100 (ish) words from Heather on Once by Anna Carey, a book she recommends for anyone that loves dystopian fiction.

Once is the second book by Anna Carey following Eve. I really enjoyed Eve, but I had some hesitation about the weakness of the main character and I couldn’t understand why the King wanted her so badly. Once explains ALL! It’s not that often that the second book in a series blows my mind, but this is definitely one of those rarities. Right at the beginning of the book Carey throws a gigantic plot twist that leaves your jaw hovering just about the ground and essentially cements the book to your hands so that you can’t put it down until you’ve finished reading every last page. The plot moves at a heart pumping pace (the love story also helps with the heart pumping) and the ending leaves you on a hook that will make you pine for book 3.

Find out more about Once.

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