Are you ready to Read The Hobbit?

Back in June myself and a few HarperCollins Canada employees admitted something quite shameful. We’ve never read J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit.

Well, that all ends today. Read The Hobbit month is here! Over the next month we are going to be reading The Hobbit, discussing The Hobbit, doing Hobbit-related activities, and much more.

Are you ready to Read The Hobbit with us?

If you’ve never read The Hobbit this is the perfect opportunity! Or, if you’ve already read it, why not re-read it alongside us? This way we will all be prepared for when the movie hits the big screen this December.

Here’s a schedule of Read The Hobbit month:

August 9th to 12th: Get your hands on a copy of The Hobbit! May we suggest this edition, with gorgeous cover art, or this classic edition?

August 13th to 19th: It’s time to START READING! Middle Earth, look out. We’re aiming to read Chapters 1 to 10 during this time period. (It’s okay to start earlier or later, just so long as you’re ready when it’s discussion time.)

August 19th: Shannon will reflect and discuss the first half of The Hobbit here on The Savvy Reader.

August 20th to 26th: It’s time to read the second half of the book, Chapters 10 to 19!

August 27th: Vikki will reflect on discuss the second half of The Hobbit here on The Savvy Reader.

August 27th to September 7th: It’ll be two weeks of Hobbit-related fun! We’ll be discussing the book in general, Tolkien, the movie, and we’ll have a few giveaways for the wonderful people who pledged to read The Hobbit with us. (Perhaps this edition will be up for grabs, or maybe this awesome collector’s item…)

So, are you in?

If so, let us know in the comments below, or tweet to us with the hashtag #ReadTheHobbit.

Here are our Read The Hobbit participants so far:

Vikki (@HCCfrenzy)
Shannon (@SavvyReader)
Kaitlyn (@ktvncnt)
Jessica (@JessicaLacyAndo)
Darlene (+ kids!)
@mountie9 & her son

Can we add your name to the list? Let us know!

And, a special shout out to Jason (@J_Pratt15). He’s our in-house Hobbit expert and will be guiding us during Hobbit month.

Bonus: There will be plenty more Hobbit fun coming this Fall in preparation for the movie. This #ReadTheHobbit challenge is just the beginning!

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37 thoughts on “Are you ready to Read The Hobbit?

  1.  I saw the trailer for the first time two nights ago (I’ve been putting it off to avoid getting too excited for too long) but thought “why not read it again first?”  I read it once in grade 3, then didn’t complete the LotR series, so I guess you can count me in here, I’ll do my best to keep up!!!
    Ben (from Victoria)

  2. I am so in, I’ve been wanting to read this book before the movie comes out so this is perfect!

    1.  That’s a good question, Ben. I think in our reviews about The Hobbit we’ll ask a few general questions to discuss here in the comments section. We’ll also be discussing throughout the next few weeks on twitter with the hashtag #ReadtheHobbit and will hold a discussion on Facebook on August 29th.

    1.  Excellent. I haven’t gotten too far yet either, but will be picking it up again today 🙂

  3. Don’t know if I ever “officially” joined in on this page so sending this post to say I was in; finished it too fast; and readng again to get back on schedule for discussion times! @cathyincanada

  4. The hobbit’s really good for reading to children. When I was seven I borrowed a library
    copy, a hardback, and I was mesmerized by Tolkien’s cover, with all those interlocking mountains and trees. I absolutely loved the chapters where the dwarves go into the underworld and get in a spot of bother with the goblins. When I was nine I got my own paperback copy with a sketch of Smaug on the cover, swooping down and doing nasties.

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