My Fall Non-Fiction Reading List

It’s back to school, but that doesn’t mean that everything that you’re going to learn this fall has to be boring! There are so many interesting subjects outside of what you learn in school – or if you’re a big kid like me, what you remember learning in school. Here are the 10 non-fiction books that are at the top of my list this fall, encompassing interesting people to hilarious and thought-provoking ideas:

Who I Am
Pete Townshend
For nearly sixty years, Pete Townshend and The Who have repeatedly asked their audience: Who are you? Now for the first time, Pete is answering the question himself. In his memoir, Pete brings us through his neglected childhood, to when he meet Roger Daltrey, through Eric Clapton’s drug-ridden hotel rooms, to Jimi Hendrix, and through his arrest (and acquittal) on child pornography charges. This is Pete Townshend laid bare in an intelligent, gritty and honest way that only Pete himself could manage. On sale Oct. 8th.

The Kind of Life It’s Been
Lloyd Robertson
The past sixty years have been a roller coaster of events, good and bad. From the JFK assassination to the Montreal Massacre, from Terry Fox’s run to 9/11, so much has happened and so much has changed. But one thing has stayed the same and one man has been with us through it all: Lloyd Robertson. First with CBC and then with CTV Lloyd is the longest-serving TV news anchor in Canadian history. The Kind of Life It’s Been is filled with funny stories from behind the scenes in the newsroom and what Lloyd has learned through it all. He is truly a Canadian icon. On sale Oct. 16th.

Jeremy Roenick & Kevin Allen
The NHL is full of big personalities, and sometimes even bigger mouths. Jeremy Roenick is right up there with the best – or depending on how you look at it, worst – of them. Over his NHL career, Jeremy (a.k.a. JR) played for five different teams including the Chicago Blackhawks and the Philadelphia Flyers, but no matter where he was he made himself heard. From his famous media battle with Patrick Roy, his accusation that USA hockey “blackballed” him to his current job as a hockey broadcaster and media personality. If it’s about hockey, JR has an opinion and it will be heard. On sale Oct. 23rd.

Crossing the Line
Derek Sanderson
Instant fame has infected many with its temptations of money, power and stardom. Derek Sanderson caught the instant fame disease, and he caught it hard. A great hockey player, Sanderson was a Boston Bruin in the 1970s playing with and against the best. He won two Stanley Cups and assisted the famous diving goal by Bobby Orr. Derek loved the celebrity. He drove a burgundy Rolls-Royce, wore a fox coat and, when asked what winning the Stanley Cup meant to him said, “The difference in the money is whether I take a college chick to Cape Cod or a Playmate to France.” But behind the fame he was an alcoholic and a drug addict. As quickly as his fame came he lost it all and found himself sleeping under bridges and so sick he couldn’t walk without crutches. Crossing the Line is the story of Derek’s rise and fall from stardom and how he’s gotten back up on his feet and is now using his story to help other young athletes avoid the dangerous infection of instant fame. On sale Oct. 16th.

The Power of Why
Amanda Lang
CBC’s senior business reporter and co-host of the TV show “The Lang & O’Leary Exchange”, Amanda Lang is very well versed in the world of business and finance. In The Power of Why, Amanda  discusses the power of asking the right questions. Instead of trying to “work smarter”, Amanda believes that adults need to return to their childhoods when, as children do, they questioned everything. Amanda explains that by asking why you can increase innovation and productivity. On sale Oct. 9th.

Jim Treliving
CBC’s “Dragon’s Den” judge and pizza king Jim Treliving is divulging his secrets of success. Successful people know how to make the right decisions and how to correct the wrong ones. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a fan of “Dragon’s Den” or you just want some tips to better your station, Decisions will help you to make wiser choices in business and in life. Enter to win dinner for you and 10 friends with Jim here.

You Can’t Lie to Me
Janine Driver
Want to know when someone is lying? World-renowned body language expert Janine Driver teaches how to use your inner lie detector or “BS barometer” in her new book, You Can’t Lie to Me. With Driver’s help you’ll be able to strengthen the relationships in all areas of your life.

David Fitzpatrick
“Endorphins sped through me. I spun around, growing dizzy, frantic, and silly. I wasn’t drunk, but I felt a nice stoned feeling, sans paranoia, and I thought, ‘I believe I’ve found my new pharmaceutical deep inside.’ I giggled fearlessly, manically at this and looked down at myself; hands, arms, chest, and belly covered in crimson . . . ”
Sharp is the memoir of an athletic, handsome and intelligent man who in his early 20s suffered from mental illness and became addicted to cutting himself with razor blades. It all stemmed from the torment and humiliation he received from his older brother and college roommates that left his self esteem shattered. Sharp presents David’s story of illness and recovery with grit, power, dignity and insight.

Luck or Something Like It
Kenny Rogers
Kenny Rogers is taking us back, way back, across over 5 decades of his musical history and all through to his childhood. He grew up in Texas in the projects where his mom did all she could to keep him on the straight and narrow. This is your backstage pass to the life of one of the bestselling artists and a country music icon. On sale Oct. 2nd.

Naomi Wolf
The author of the modern classic, The Beauty Myth, is back with cutting-edge science and a desire to radically rework the way we understand the vagina – and by extension women. When Naomi faced an unexpected medical crisis she found herself confronted with the crossroads of sexuality and creativity. Through her research she discovered that the vagina is not merely flesh, but an intrinsic component of the female brain—and thus has a fundamental connection to female consciousness itself. Naomi explores the physical, political, and spiritual implications of this startling series of new scientific breakthroughs for women and for society as a whole.

Which of these titles are you excited to learn something from this fall? Perhaps there’s a subject or person that you’d love to hear more about? Let us know! We’d love to hear more from and about you!

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  1. Any one of these reads would be enlightening from experiences at the lowest depths to the greatest heights & how one learns to handle both!

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