Bookmarks: September 28th Edition

Wow, it has been a very busy week for Canadian Publishing! From book awards, to Lesley Livingston sharing some of her publishing secrets, there is a lot to talk about! So turn off your nook, mark that page in your book and bookmark these exciting links we’ve found online this week…

1. The shortlist for the Hilary Weston Writers’ Trust Prize 2012 was announced this week. The award celebrates literary excellence in nonfiction writing, and to be shortlisted for a Writers’ Trust Prize is a prestigious event. This year, The Toronto Star reports that 104 titles were submitted by 51 publishers for the Hilary Weston Prize alone. James Bartleman, lieutenant governor of Ontario; Charlotte Gill, a previous finalist; and writer Marni Jackson had the honour of narrowing down the list to five finalists. The shortlist includes:

Intolerable by Kamal Al-Solaylee

Solar Dance by Modris Eksteins

Straphanger by Taras Grescoe

The Measure of a Man by JJ Lee

A Geography of Blood by Candace Savage

2. In addition to the aforementioned short-list announcement, The Ottawa Book Award finalists were also revealed this week. The award recognizes the top English books published in the previous year, as picked by the City of Ottawa. Interesting fact – the city of Ottawa also offers Prix du livre d’Ottawa, which is an award for the top french books published in the previous year! To see a list of The Ottawa Book Awards finalists, click here.  For the Prix du livre d’Ottawa, click here!

3. We’d be crazy not to mention Hobbit Second Breakfast! The event, which celebrated The Hobbit‘s 75th anniversary became an international event last Friday. Organized by HarperCollins United Kingdom, they invited Hobbits (and Hobbit-fans) to eat a second breakfast at 11 a.m., “inspired by the ideals cherished by hobbits everywhere: camaraderie, companionship and, of course, a love of good food,” and encouraged those involved to share their experience on social media. The morning of the September 21st, Facebook timelines, Twitter and Instagram feeds were flooded with creative, delicious and hilarious breakfasts, Hobbit-style. Some highlights include a star-studded event at Fulham Palace Gardens: take a peak at some pictures here and watch a video of Andy Serkis reading The Hobbit! We got a little creative ourselves in the office and had a lovely second breakfast! Take a look at pictures here and on our Instagram account, here.

4. Over the past week, Lesley Livingston (author of Starling and the Wondrous Strange trilogy) has guest-edited the National Post’s Afterword. Her role has included writing daily personal posts. If you’ve read Lesley before, you’ll know her tone, she’s funny and it feels like she is speaking directly to you. Her Afterword posts do not disappoint – they are incredibly entertaining. More importantly, they give great insight into her writing and publishing process. Take a look!

5. Wednesday, September 26th was the late Shel Silverstein‘s birthday. Shel Silverstein was the author who introduced us to his whimsical, imaginative poems with his memorable, line-drawn illustrations in books such as The Giving Tree and Where The Sidewalk Ends. On Wednesday, we posted a photo on Facebook of three of our favourite collections. It inspired a discussion, during which people listed their favourite Shel books and poems. Clearly, the works of Shel Silverstein have lived on, continuing to enrich the hearts and minds of adults and children today. We are lucky to have a day to celebrate Shel and his poems.What’s your favourite Shel Silverstein work?

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