Starling in the City: A Q&A with Lesley Livingston

When Mason Starling rescues a super hot but unconscious guy from a horrible storm, little does she know that her life is about to spiral out of control. Someone is trying to kill her, someone is trying to use her, and the only one who can help her is this dangerous stranger—who can’t remember who or what he is. All he can remember is his name: Fennrys Wolf. Recently, @HCCFrenzy sat down to chat with actress and award-winning author Lesley Livingston about her new novel, Starling.

Fans of your Wondrous Strange trilogy will be happy to be reunited with Fennrys Wolf. Without giving too much away, what drew you to writing about the big bad *ahem* Wolf again?

Oh, Fenn… Short answer: he simply wouldn’t leave me alone! Honestly, when I was writing the WS books, he became a much stronger presence than I had originally planned (pushy Viking warrior princes, right?) and at the end of that trilogy, he really wasn’t content for me to leave his story untold. His voice was very compelling, and I knew that I wanted to get to know him better after the trilogy ended. (More than a few readers mentioned they wouldn’t mind that, either!) Of course, at the time, I hadn’t sold or even pitched Starling, so it was always a possibility that such a thing would never happen. But Fennrys certainly laid the groundwork for me to continue his story if it ever did—and in such a way that readers don’t have to be familiar with the WS books first. He’s a very clever lad…

After reading Starling I totally want to take up fencing, especially if I can find someone like Fennrys to give me pointers. Do you have any experience with this sport?

Ha! En garde, then!  Actually, I do have some experience. I took up fencing when I was in university after having done a fair bit of stage combat training —Shakespearian actor here! The coach of the university club said that he would like to have me on the team, but I would have to give up the “fake stuff” first. Apparently this was because I always went for the pretty parry first, rather than the fast parry. Alas, stage fighting was too much fun to give up, so I declined. Otherwise—who knows? I might’ve wound up a competition fencer. But then I might not have written any books. So, all in all, I’m happy to let Mason take up a sword. I’ll stick with the mighty pen!

Once again, you’re returning to New York City. What is it about the Big Apple that captures your imagination?

Everything! There is so much material for stories hidden in the history and architecture and parks (oh! the parks!) and people of New York. It’s like a vortex that has, over the years, drawn this eclectic assortment of progress and tradition, magical and man-made, whimsical and foreboding, and crammed it all into one packed and swirling sphere. Almost every weird little detail in my NYC-centric books that refers directly to the city is something I found already in existence through research or by accident. I hardly had to make anything up! Locales, historical events, quirks and anomalies—bridges and temples and hideouts and portals—all of that stuff was already there, I just had to find it and tweak it.

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