Commuting & The Christmas Spirit

Who has traveling to do this holiday season? I love getting together with my friends and family, but I’m not fond of the long drives I have to take to get to their houses. One of my problems is that I am a fast reader, so I could never just bring one book to carry me through the drive, just in case I finished it before I arrived. As a rule, I would bring 3 books for the drive, and 1 small book that would fit into my purse in case I got bored inside (admit it – you do it too!). Of course, my parents are not very happy with my traveling habits; they got car sick just looking at me! This year my car ride will be much easier. With my e-reader in tow, I get to carry around ALL of my books, and it is small enough to fit in my purse for when I go inside.

To get me in the proper Christmas mood, I’ve figured out what my commuting reads are going to be this year: Christmas e-books! I’ve shared my list with you below, along with an e-reading secret… many books on the list below are digital originals, meaning they are not available as print books. I get to carry all my books with me at once, and I get to read books that I wouldn’t be able to in print form? That was all the reason I needed to start reading digitally this year!

The first book I cannot wait to read is Christmas in Venice by Meadow Taylor. It’s a free e-book that I had heard A LOT of hype about in the office! And since it’s Christmas (and at Christmas you tell the truth) I’ll admit I was so eager to see what it was about that I have already read it. That being said, I cannot wait to read it again! It is a really cute story and definitely left me wanting more, which is a good thing, since the short story is adapted from Meadow Taylor’s next full-length novel (tentatively titled Midnight in Venice). Christmas in Venice is the perfect length to get me from my house to the highway, and I highly suggest reading it if you’re going on a short train, bus or car ride (and aren’t the one driving!).

Christmas in Venice is available for free at Kobo, Apple, Amazon, and Google.

Next up on my list is A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Most people don’t believe me when I tell them that I’ve never read anything by Charles Dickens – but it is true! However, I have decided to change that, and I think his classic Christmas story is the perfect introduction. And just in case I finish this Dickens book and want more right away, I also have A Charles Dickens Christmas downloaded on my devices. Featuring four short holiday stories, it is the perfect collection for a fan of Charles Dickens. I predict that by next week, I will not only have read Dickens, but I will love him too!

You can pick up A Christmas Carol and other classics by Charles Dickens at Kobo, Apple, Amazon, Google and Sony.

One of the reasons I like the holidays so much is that I get to see all of my extended family (we only see each other twice a year!), so I’m always looking forward to hanging out with my cousins. When I’m done babysitting the little ones, I try to hang out with my older cousins, most of which are male. It’s nice to have something to talk about with them (because Christmas in Venice really isn’t their kind of book), so this year I will be reading Stuart MacBride’s 12 Days of Winter. It’s twelve short connected stories filled with crime and dark humour, that I’m sure is the perfect collection to not only get me in the mood to deal with the male side of my family, but also to make my conversation the one to be listening to.

The 12 Days of Winter Collection is available at Kobo, Apple, Amazon, Google and Sony.

I’m sure those will be enough to keep me busy during my commute, but just in case I have Tilly Bagshawe’s One Christmas Morning on my Christmas reading list. I don’t know about you, but I generally read the free preview provided before I buy my e-books. I downloaded the free preview of Tilly Bagshawe’s new ebook and I am hooked! Give it a try – especially if you enjoy Christmas in Venice by Meadow Taylor. I cannot wait to finish it, but I’m forcing myself to leave it as my back-up book. If I don’t get the chance to read it during my holiday commutes, then I will definitely be able to enjoy it on Christmas morning while I wait for my brother to finally wake up!

One Christmas Morning is available at Kobo, Apple, Amazon, and Google.

These all of course make great books to read at home as well as in transit.  What’s on your holiday reading list? Tell us on twitter (@SavvyReader); I look forward to adding more books to my own list of titles to get me in the mood to celebrate the holidays!

Happy Holidays!

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