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The Savvy Reader Team already compiled a New Year, New You post that lists books to read in the New Year, and they have included some terrific suggestions (I’ve already picked up a copy of Money Rules by Gail Vaz-Oxlade). But I have a little something unique to add: the perfect e-books! So for everyone who received an e-reading device over the holidays, and for those of you who already read digitally, here’s a list of some New Year, New You books that are short, specific reads.  These e-novellas and digital originals can help you become a new, original you this upcoming year.

1) Why Diets Don’t Work by Kat Tancock

Have you ever tried dieting and wondered why you’ve still got that ten pounds you’ve been trying to lose? Lifestyle writer Kat Tancock examines how our environment encourages us to consume more food more often, and critiques the conflicting dieting messages that are circulating. She also teaches how we can properly manage what we are eating and become healthier. This is the perfect e-book to help you achieve the weight loss you’ve been making resolutions about for years.

Why Diets Don’t Work is available at Kobo, Apple, Amazon, Sony and Google.

2) It’s Your Move: A Guide to Career Transition and Job Search for Canadian managers, Professionals and Executives by Marge Watters

If you will be applying for a job in 2013 or thinking about your career path, this is the book you need! Firstly, you have the option of choosing the whole collection or the e-book shorts It’s Your Move: Interview for Success and It’s Your Move: Write Effective Resumes and Cover Letters. Both options offer you the resources you need to find and get the career you’ve been looking for. Having a professional guide you through the process with tips on resumes, cover letters and interviews should help you be a little less stressed when finding that new career.

The complete and shortened Marge Watter It’s Your Move e-books are available at Kobo, Apple, Amazon, Sony and Google.

3) Personal Horoscopes 2013 by Dan Liebman

If you want to know what 2013 has in future for you check out Personal Horoscopes 2013. Whether you get the complete book that gives a week-by-week forecast that covers love, relationships, family, friends, finance, health, career and travel for all the horoscope signs, or you choose to get  your individual horoscope book (only available as e-books) you will be set for 2013. On top of that, you will also discover more about the Zodiac signs, learn when famous Canadians and international figures were born and get a compatibility guide for every combination of signs.  If you want to learn more about your own sign or about someone else’s, check out Personal Horoscopes 2013.

The complete and individual Personal Horoscopes 2013 e-books are available at Kobo, Amazon, Apple, Sony and Google.

4) Baby Sleep by Marc Lewis and Isabela Granic

If you are tired of trying to get your child to sleep at night, this is the book for you! It can be frustrating trying to figure out the best solution for getting your infant to sleep. Because they are always changing and developing, a strategy that works for a 6-month-old baby could be potentially disastrous for a 9-month-old. Baby Sleep walks you through strategies from birth to 4 years old, and is the essential guide for all parents! Achieve your resolution of getting more sleep this year with the help of Baby Sleep.

Baby Sleep is available at Kobo, Amazon, Apple, and Google.

5) Money Smart Kids by Gail Vaz-Oxlade

Money Smart Kids is a perfect book for a New Year, New You list. While you learn how to be financially-responsible in Money Rules, let Gail help you teach your kids the importance of saving. Get your kids to understand the difference between a need and a want, and give them confidence to control their money in the future.

Money Smart Kids is available at Kobo, Amazon, Apple, Sony and Google.

6) Mulligan’s Bar Guide by Shawn M. Mulligan

Every year I decide I want to learn something new. This has lead me to take a variety of unique classes throughout the years, but one thing I’ve haven’t learned more about is the art of mixology. With the complete Mulligan’s Bar Guide or the specific short e-books Cocktail Basics, Holiday Cocktails, Shooters, and Summer Cocktails, Mulligan’s Bar Guide is Canada’s definitive bar guide. If you want to discover new drinks, and how to make them yourself, this is the book for you.

The complete and individual Mulligan’s Bar Guide collections are available at Kobo, Amazon, Apple, Sony and Google.

7) Meditation: A Beginner’s Journey by Kat Tancock

By the time March comes around, I like to do a quick review of my New Year’s resolutions. Often times I have forgotten what I set out to do, and I often need to calm down and relax after my review is done. Available in March 2013, this digital original by lifestyle writer Kat Tancock will explain how meditation works, why it’s doable, and will help you find a style and practice that fits your life. A proven method to reducing stress, improving sleep, lengthening your attention span and lowering blood pressure, Meditation: A Beginner’s Journey is exactly the book I will need.

Meditation: A Beginner’s Journey is available for pre-order at Amazon, Apple and Google.

If you know of other great e-books for the New Year, let us know. Otherwise have a very happy New Year and keep on reading!

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