Bookmarks: January 11th

1. The first topic of discussion this afternoon is what we are most excited about: The 50 Book Pledge! The 50 Book Pledge has been a New Year tradition for us over the past three years, but we’ve recently amped up our reading game. On Monday, we launched this website, which allows readers to chart their 50 Book Pledge process by adding books they’ve read to a shelf. The site keeps track of the number of books you read, gives you a target based off of your current progress, and even has a To Be Read shelf to keep track of any books that catch your eye. Through the website, you can also see what other people are reading, how many people have picked the same books as you, be notified of our Weekly Recommendations and support the pledge through your twitter and Facebook. Awesome, right? As of right now, over 800 people have signed up, and together we have read 1,432 books. Amazing! If you’d like more information on the 50 Book Pledge click here, or sign up at

2. Another topic we are super excited about is Cathy Marie Buchanan’s The Painted Girls. The Painted Girls is a historical fiction novel based off of the artwork of Edgar Degas (most famous for the sculpture Little Dancer, Aged 14) and follows two sisters through Paris during a time of profound artistic, cultural and societal change. Antoinette and Marie Van Goethem must work diligently to support their family while both struggling to embrace love, art, sexuality and success. Currently, bloggers across Canada are participating in a Painted Girls blog tour and the results thus far have been extremely positive. One blogger states that she was “completely overwhelmed with how wonderful the book is” and another insists that she “cannot sing enough praiseabout The Painted Girls. To read more reviews click here, or follow the blog tour on twitter with the hashtag #PaintedGirlsBT.

3. Are you an avid fan of Sex & The City, or do you prefer the books? Regardless, Candace Bushnell’s prequel to Sex & The City, The Carrie Diaries series has been adapted for television and the premiere of the show is Monday! To celebrate, HCCFrenzy is hosting a Carrie Diaries Day! Festivities include dressing up in retro (but oh-so-fabulous) 80s attire during the day, and live-tweeting the show at night. Interested? Click here to read more or join in the festivities on twitter with the hashtag #CarrieDiariesCA.

4. This is one of the most hilarious things that has happened on Twitter lately. Have you heard of Honest Toddler? It is a twitter account that shares opinions of new, confusing or annoying experiences that toddlers face. This includes (but is not limited to) bath time, eating practices, sleep hours and those absolutely ludicrous phrases parents are constantly repeating to their children, such as “stop crying, please.” Recently, Honest Toddler took on The Berenstain Bears, tweeting: “I think the Berenstain Bears are cute but sometimes I wonder how many people they’ve eaten.” Surprisingly, The Berenstain Bears are very active on Twitter and took to defending their eating habits quite quickly. To see the full conversation, click here and follow the Honest Toddler via twitter or the blog.

5. International Book-Lover (and, okay, food lovers) News! HuffPost Canada recently reported that McDonald’s in England will be replacing toys for books in their Happy Meals! They have promised to distribute over 15 million books within the next 2 years, starting February 8th. And though the LA Times asks, will the kids love it? We already know that answer. Of course! Each book even comes with a finger puppet to “help parents bring the stories to life for their children,” according to the National Literary Trust. Hopefully this campaign is a success; I would love to see it be instated in Canada too! Anyone else?

I hope you enjoyed the first Bookmarks of 2013. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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