The Intercept: A Review by Cory

I don’t read a lot of “commercial” fiction but maybe I should. I’m not really sure what that categorization even means, or what it tells us about the book’s content. It seems to just signify a book that sells a ton of copies, but take a look at a bestseller list and that may only leave out poetry. For my purposes, I’ll consider it “escapist” fiction and that is exactly what The Intercept is, one of those books that you sit down with and hours fly by as your heart pulses and skips every few pages with the latest plot turn.

The Intercept is the first book starring Jeremy Fisk, an FBI agent a little different from the conventional genre heroes. He’s not a drunk or particularly boiled of any sort (hard or soft). Instead, he’s just a stand-up guy; brave but not a superhero; smart but not a beautiful mind sort. That element of realism is really significant and is symbolic of the rest of the book’s desire to get things right. In reading The Intercept you really do feel like this could actually happen, which goes a long way to heightening the tension. And that tension, by the way, starts right away as a plane is hijacked, a terrorist is overwhelmed and a group of passengers are instantly elevated to international hero status (and targets themselves!)

I really can’t recommend it enough for fans of Brad Thor, Robert Ludlum, Brad Meltzer and others. All the usual elements you want in a thriller are there: extreme danger, an unraveling puzzle, relationships strained and built under pressure. It’s a great read that really has that ripped-from-the-headlines feel (and how could it not? It’s written by none other than Law & Order creator Dick Wolf).

I love discovering a new author and series and if you do too I really encourage you to check out The Intercept.

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