Valentine's Day: Love it or Leave it List

Whether you can’t get enough of epic love stories or you’d rather sleep through February 14th, we’ve got a book for you! We enlisted Jessica and Vikki to pick their favourite books for those who love all things romantic, and those who’d rather avoid the topic all together.

Jessica’s Top Five Books For Romantics:

There are lots of books about romance and Jess picks five that demonstrate the variety, scope, and power of love in all its forms.

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Imagine you lived in a world where love was a disease.  What if you actually fell in love, and to stay safe—to stay alive—you had to flee, creating the most dangerous life for yourself. This kind of makes you think: you have to be pretty darn certain about the person you love in order to leave your friends, family, home, and trade that in for a life that is uncertain, unsafe, and unknown. Pretty romantic, if you think about it.

The Miseducation of Cameron Post by emily m danforth

Cameron Post isn’t just a story about romantic love. Cameron has her share of that—some of which causes the inevitable heartbreak that comes with love gone wrong. But it’s also a story about self-love, and the bravery that comes with knowing who you truly are, and accepting things about yourself that other people can’t. It’s also a story about friendship, and how sometimes you need to see yourself through the eyes of someone else who understands you to truly understand yourself.

The Madman’s Daughter by Megan Shepherd

On an island filled with danger, and a father who is legitimately evil, Juliet finds herself torn between two guys, both of whom want her, too. If you think being stranded on an island with two dreamy gents is a dream, guess again; this island is nothing short of a nightmare.

Debutantes by Cora Harrison

It’s 1923–an era of romance–and the Derrington sisters are eager to step out of their father’s overprotective grasp and into the enchanting world of jazz, fashion, parties, and gentlemen suitors. The eldest, Violet, is determined to become the perfect Debutante and catch the eye of Prince George, but the love story isn’t between Violet and the Prince (but don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of crushing going on!), the greatest love of all is between the sisters: Violet, Poppy, Daisy and Rose. These gals would do everything to help one another. Talk about sisterly love.

Through to You by Emily Hainsworth

Is there anything more romantic than your boyfriend trying to win you back… after you die? When Viv dies in a car accident Camden is completely brokenhearted. That is, until he returns to the site of Viv’s accident and sees an apparition named Nina. Nina lives in a parallel world—a world where Viv is still alive. But in this world Viv and Cam have made different choices, and Viv isn’t the girl that Cam remembers. Does Cam stay with Viv in her parallel world—or does he let her go? They say if you love someone you have to set them free…

Vikki’s Top Five Books For The Less Romantic:

Tired of reading about romance? Looking for something beyond a love triangle? Here are Vikki’s picks for readers who are looking for something more:

Life on the Refrigerator Door by Alice Kuipers

The ultimate story of mothers and daughters, this book will make you want to hug your mom and never let go. Told in a series of notes left on a refrigerator door between 15 year old Claire and her single mother.

Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler

This gritty, honest, and gut-wrenching portrayal of love gone awry and the toll it can take will make you thank your lucky stars that you’re single.

The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers by Lynn Weingarten

This is the ultimate revenge-on-your-ex fantasy. After a brutal breakup, Lucy is invited into a secret society of girls who attract boys using somewhat mystical means only to break their hearts. Complications arise, naturally.

Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein

There is so much to love about this story of two teenage girls, a spy and a pilot, who become friends during the second world war. The real feat? Not a whiff of romance to be found! Warning: this book has been to known to cause bouts of sobbing.

Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City by Kirsten Miller

Kiki Strike and the rest of the Irregulars do not have time for romance. They are far too busy mapping the underground city beneath New York and trying to stay out of danger. Nor will you have any time for romance, once you realize there are three books in this series to be devoured!

This Valentine’s day the most important thing is to LOVE what you’re reading! Which of these will you be picking up?

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Vikki and Jessica for @HCCFrenzy.

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