The Frenzy Five: Kasie West

The Frenzy Five is a reoccurring Q&A series where we ask your favourite YA authors the kind of things you REALLY want to know! This week, Kasie West (author of the recently released and highly recommended Pivot Point) is up to the challenge!

1. What was your favourite book when you were sixteen and why?

We didn’t have a lot of YA when I was sixteen (I know, I’m so old) but I did love to read. I had an amazing English teacher who required us to read all sorts of really cool books like: Their Eyes Were Watching God; The Color Purple; The Joy Luck Club; To Kill A Mockingbird. I loved them all.

2. What is your favourite way to waste time?

Well since I don’t consider reading a waste of time (and I do that a lot), I’ll have to go with: Twitter. I love you, twitter people, but I waste way too much time on there.

3. What are you reading now?

Right now I’m reading Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi. Love.

4. If you could drop everything and go anywhere tomorrow, where would you go and why?

Hawaii. I love the beach and the warm waters of Hawaii. And I could use a stress free zone right about now.

5. Describe your book in five words.

Fun, Split Reality, Friendship, Discovery, Choice

Pivot Point is available wherever books are sold – but if you’re really intrigued, click here to start reading online!

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  1. oh man, the beach…. it is killing me thinking about it and not being able to actually go anywhere close to it because of the cold weather! I also really enjoyed To Kill A Mocking Bird too!

    – Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

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