Crazy in Love: The Delirium Series

The interweb is a-buzzing about Lauren Oliver’s amazing dystopian Delirium trilogy! Excitement is mounting for the television show, which has a lovely Lena, to be portrayed by Emma Roberts, seen here looking a little bit Katniss-y:

And a handsome Alex, to be portayed by Daren Kagasof:

As if that wasn’t enough to keep us going, REQUIEM is out in mere DAYS! Today Lauren Oliver will be tweeting the first chapter from @OliverBooks and @HCCFrenzy is giving away an advanced copy via twitter in our awesome #EarlyBirdBirthday program!

For those of you who are reading the series now (or are not afraid of spoliers), be sure to check out the awesome Delirium Series Read-A-Long hosted by blogettes extraordinnaire Mermaid Vision Books, Esther’s Ever After, & More Than Just Magic. This is not your average wine and cheese book club- be prepared for some thoughtful analysis and great discussion! Join the discussion here.


So much Deliria! Can you handle it? If you haven’t been affected by Amor Deliria Nervosa yet, start reading Delirium here.

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  1. I just bought the series last week. My Chapters store had Requiem and I just had to get them all! I’m dying to put everything else down and just read! Must finish Unravel Me first but it’s hard not to just put it aside.

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