HCC March Madness is coming…

Hey Book Fans!

As you know, tomorrow is March 1st. That means spring is coming, there’s some kind of big basketball tournament happening, and that means the start of HCC MARCH MADNESS!

Question: What is HCC March Madness?

HCC March Madness is just like that basketball tournament, but instead of 64 teams facing off, it’s 64 books. Here’s how it goes down:

– On March 4th on hccmarchmadness.ca we will reveal the 64 books competing. The books will be divided into 4 brackets, named after some of our favourite literary characters.

– In each bracket there will be match-ups. One book versus one book. You will vote between the two titles. The title with the most votes moves on to the next round. Voting in each round lasts one week (Monday to Sunday). Does this sound intense? It IS.

– Here’s a little run-down of the rounds:

March 4th – 10th: Round 1. 64 books. 32 match-ups. It’s anyone’s game at this point.
March 11th – 17th: Round 2. 32 books. 16 match-ups.
March 18th – 24th: Round 3. 16 books, aka. The Sweet Sixteen.
March 24th – 31st: Round 4. Only 8 books remain. This is where it gets really tough, people.
April 1st – 7th: Round 5. We’re down to the final 4, aka the champions in each bracket.
April 8th – 14th: THE FINAL ROUND. 2 books remain, but only ONE will be crowned Champion!

– So, make sure you visit hccmarchmadness.ca and vote every week, or even everyday, for your favourite titles! You never know, the book YOU cheer for on Day 1 could be the one that wins. Need more incentive then that?

Well, here’s the REALLY exciting part.

Every day that you vote you will be entered to win ALL 64 BOOKS COMPETING in HCC March Madness.

That’s right, on April 15th there will actually be TWO winners, one book, and one voter.

Pretty exciting, right?

Question: Which books are competing?

That will all be revealed March 4th. Right now we have 63 books in the wings, ready to compete.

Notice I said 63? That’s right, we have one book left to pick… and we’re leaving it up to you guys! As a little teaser for what’s to come next week. Head over to the HarperCollinsCanada Facebook page TOMORROW to vote for the book you think should be included in HCC March Madness.

As for the other 63, well, here are some hints! We have:

– An author that’s already won HCC March Madness TWICE before
– THREE HCC Fan Choice books
– A book by a beloved mystery author
– Giller-winning authors, Booker-winning authors, critically-acclaimed bestsellers…
– Some of the hottest YA titles on shelves right now
– And, for the first time ever, this year we’re including some of our very favourite picture books!

Question: What can I do to help my favourite book win?

This is where it gets creative! You can support your favourite books and authors via twitter, on Facebook, pep rallies, blog posts, however you want! We will be randomly awarding prizes throughout the tournament to the best cheerleaders out there, so make sure you let us know how you’re cheering with the hashtag #HCCMM.

Get ready, HCC March Madness kicks off on March 4th on hccmarchmadness.ca!

64 books, 6 weeks, 1 champion.
And one of you will take home all 64 titles.

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