It's HCC March Madness Time!

64 books. 1 champion.

It all starts TODAY!

Are you ready to begin HCC March Madness? If you head over to you’ll see that we’ve revealed the 64 titles competing! This week you’ll be voting for the 32 books you want to see move forward!

And don’t forget, every day you vote you’ll be entered to win ALL 64 BOOKS COMPETING!

So make sure you vote, vote, vote, and tell all your friends to vote, vote, vote using the hashtag #HCCMM. Remember, we’ll be randomly awarding prizes to the best book cheerleaders out there, so make sure you show your favourite title some love!

Want to know who’s competing?

The 64 books are divided into 4 conferences. The conferences are named after some of our favourite literary characters. This year all the match-ups are totally random, and we’ve thrown some beloved children’s books into the mix. Here are the conferences and a few clues about the titles in each:

Conference 1: Kenzie & Gennaro
Dennis Lehane’s crime solving duo. We chose these two because Lehane is a 2-time HCCMM champion, and this year one of his Kenzie & Gennaro books, Gone, Baby, Gone, is in the running to defend his title. But, they’re up against TWO HCC Fan Choice titles, a Man Booker prize winner, and a book that has caused many YA fans to unravel…

Conference 2: The Hobbits
To celebrate the recent movie release we’ve dedicated an entire conference to our Shire-dwelling friends.  Here we have a Certified Savvy Reader, a beloved bedtime story, and a Canada Reads winner all in the running.

Conference 3: Sigma Force
We’re naming this conference after the stars of James Rollins’ epic series. The Sigma team is up against one of our hottest winter titles, a book that made it to the Final 2 last year, and #DivergentNation.

Conference 4: The Wild Things
Named in honour of the wonderful Maurice Sendak. This conference features some big names: Emma Donoghue, Betty Smith, Agatha Christie, Neil Gaiman, and of course, Sendak’s delightful picture book.

There you have it! See a book competing that you want to read? Add it to your 50 Book Pledge shelf HERE. If you read an HCC March Madness title as part of your pledge you’ll earn the HCCMM Badge.

So there you go, guys. 64 books, but only 1 winner. It’s all up to you!

What are you waiting for? Go vote!

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