Indiscretion: A Review by Erin

“Places and actions that seem so real can be entirely false, based purely on impressions of a story told at the time and then somehow subconsciously woven into the fabric of our lives. After a while it becomes real.”

The first novel written by author Charles Dubow, Indiscretion, oozes love, lust, betrayal and deception. If these themes intrigue you, and you have some time to curl up with a good page-turner, this is one book you should definitely check out. After struggling through a couple of lengthy and slow books recently, I found Indiscretion a welcome change!

Meet Harry and Maddy Winslow. They are the perfect couple; alone and together they captivate everyone around them with their energy, warmth and elegance. They are college sweethearts who live the ideal life – they reside in New York and spend summers in the Hamptons with their close group of friends; they have a wonderful son; Harry is a best-selling author; Maddy is the perfect, loving wife; and they are both more beautiful than anyone you have ever seen before. They appear to be the couple that every other couple strives to be. However, their perfect life is put in jeopardy one summer evening when Harry and Maddy meet Claire, a beautiful and impressionable young woman.

If you decide to read Indiscretion because of the title and mysterious cover, maybe you have already figured out what happens next. If you haven’t, I won’t spoil the book, but be warned: there is a tiny spoiler ahead. Let’s just say that, if any of us booklovers were in a position to fall in love with a gorgeous and bestselling author, we too, may jump at the chance. And though I wouldn’t necessarily call myself an expert on forbidden and hot love affairs, it always seems everything is perfect until that one fatal misstep – where nothing will ever be as it once was.

Indiscretion was an easy and enjoyable read from page one. The story unravels quickly and doesn’t leave the reader waiting for the good stuff. Dubow has taken a storyline we have all read countless times and created a developed novel with substance. The plot and characters have depth and are actually relatable; it is easy enough to envision yourself or people you know tangled in a similar predicament. Dubow has managed to create a steamy and sultry read, while showing the devastating consequences of having everything and yet wanting more.

Indiscretion is just the right book to be reading now; the time of year where we are all dreaming of an escape from the monotony of winter. This book has the right amount of surprise, scandal and seduction… what more do you need to keep you warm on a chilly winter night?

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