Bookmarks: March 15th

Happy Friday, Savvy Readers! We hope you have enjoyed a lovely week, and are looking forward to a relaxing weekend as much as we are. Before you get into your relaxed weekend mode, take a minute and catch up on what’s happening in this week’s Bookmarks!

1. Hilary Mantel was awarded The David Cohen Prize for Literature this past week. This prize – worth £40,000 – was awarded to the English novelist, essayist, and short story writer for her lifetime achievement in literature. Some of her major career accomplishments include: Beyond Black (2005), shortlisted for a 2006 Commonwealth Writers Prize and for the 2006 Orange Prize for Fiction and long listed for the Man Booker Prize; Wolf Hall (2009), winner of the Man Booker Prize and the Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction; and Bring Up The Bodies (2012), her most recent work, winner of the Man Booker Prize, and Costa Book of the Year 2012. For more information on this year’s prize and winner, click here.

2. Well, we’ve reached the middle of March! And you know what that means? It’s time for the HCC Mid-March Madness Giveaway! As a way of thanking fans for their excitement surrounding this year’s competition, HarperCollins Canada is awarding prize packs of any five books competing in this year’s March Madness to four lucky winners! All fans have to do to enter is here. Which five books would you choose? Don’t forget to vote for your favourites daily; the end of round two is approaching, and the competition is heating up!

3. Ever wanted to know how a book is created? Are you curious to know how a book goes from being just an idea to being an actual object in your hands or on your screen? New York Times bestselling author Lauren Oliver presents How a Book Is Made: THE SPINDLERS. This cool website shows book lovers, students, and aspiring authors the publishing process from start to finish in seven short episodes. Lauren uses her own book, The Spindlers, to show readers everything: the development of the idea, writing the story, editing the book, creating the art, proofing the story, printing the book and finally, reading the book. What better way to learn about the ins-and-outs of publishing than from a bestselling author who has experienced the whole process?

4. Check out this amazing infographic created for the controversial, national bestseller The Big Shift by Darrell Bricker and John Ibbitson. The infographic does a great job of summarizing some of the main issues and questions Bricker and Ibbitson talk about in the book. If you don’t already know, The Big Shift explores many issues pressing to Canadians and explores Canada’s future as a global leader. If you’d like to learn more about some of the big questions surrounding the future of Canada, check out The Big Shift.

5. As many of you may know, March 14th (3/14) is celebrated around the world as Pi Day. While some people see this day as a day to celebrate mathematics, we saw it as a reason to eat blueberry pie at 11 a.m! After doing a bit of research, it seems as though people celebrate this day in all sorts of ways – for example, in 2004 to kick off “France’s first Pi Day celebration” at the Palace of Discovery, British student Daniel Tammet recited 22, 514 digits of pi from memory and broke a European record. Um, I think we’ll just stick to eating pie!

Have a great weekend, readers!

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