The Frenzy Five: Claire LaZebnik

The Frenzy Five is a reoccurring Q&A series where we ask your favourite YA authors the kind of things you REALLY want to know! This week, Claire LaZebnik, author of The Trouble with Flirting (a charming tale of mixed messages and romantic near-misses) is up to the challenge!

1. What was your favourite book when you were sixteen and why?

JANE EYRE by Charlotte Bronte. I’ve been obsessed with that book since I was a little girl and my grandmother told me the plot as a bedtime story. I wrote my college thesis about it. And back when I was sixteen, I identified so much with Jane: I felt plain and unappreciated and I wanted to meet my Mr. Rochester and instantly start having brilliantly weird and wonderful conversations with him. I’d have taken him with a crazy wife in the attic—no problem.

2. What is your favourite way to waste time?

The honest answer would be Facebook: I spend way too much time joking around with friends on there. I think if I had a program that kept track of how many minutes an hour I spend on Facebook, I’d be horrified! But for pure relaxation, nothing beats knitting while watching a good old romantic miniseries on TV: BBC productions of Jane Austen novels are the best.

3. What are you reading now?

THE FAMILY FANG by Kevin Wilson, about two siblings whose parents are performance artists who included them in their crazy “events” when they were little and who are feeling the fall-out of that upbringing now that they’re adults. It’s funny and smart, and I’m loving it.

4. If you could drop everything and go anywhere tomorrow, where would you go and why?

London. I love London. It breaks my heart that it’s such a long, expensive trip from LA and that the time difference is so hard to adjust to—I wish I could go every year. I love the theaters, the shopping, the museums, the Tube . . . basically everything about it.

5. Describe your book in five words.

A lighthearted, romantic Austen update.

Is a lighthearted, Austen update right up your alley? Click here to start reading The Trouble with Flirting online now.

Spend more time with Claire on her blog, here.

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