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We had so much fun taking a peek into the libraries of celebrities last week that we decided to do it again – this time, with our favourite kind of people… Authors!

The Bronte Sisters

Fancily referred to as the drawing room, or the parlour, this is the room in the Bronte family home (now the Bronte Parsonage Museum) where the sisters would gather to discuss their writing. How cool would it be to sit at the table where Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre were polished to perfection? Maybe the literary genius could rub off on us!

Agatha Christie

Now this library, though cozy, isn’t terribly striking, nor is it currently inhabited by anyone particularly noteworthy. However, this very house once belonged to the celebrated mystery writer, Agatha Christie. It’s quite possible that many of Poirot’s eccentricities were dreamed up in this very place!

Neil Gaiman

This is where Neil Gaiman’s book-writing magic happens, folks! Okay, we don’t actually know that for sure—but it’s pretty easy to picture a master of fantasy tucked away from the world in that cozy armchair surrounded by countless works of art and imagination. Too bad we can’t see the titles on the shelves!

Rudyard Kipling

As one of the most popular (and controversial) English writers of the 19th and 20th centuries, and known more prominently for his commentary on British Imperialism, we expected Rudyard Kipling’s library to be a tad more worldly. However, it looks just as we’d expect the library of an Englishman to look. We imagine the window overlooks the quaint English countryside, and the room entertained quite a few guests for tea back in the day!

Mark Twain

This 19-room Victorian Gothic Revival Style Mansion is complete with hand-stenciled paneling in all rooms, including this one, and fireplaces imported from India! Despite Twain’s tendency towards the excessive, we must admit that this room is quite extraordinary. The room even opens into a Conservatory at the back… I haven’t seen one of those outside of the Clue board game!

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