Goal: Read More Short Stories!

Most people associate the short story with painful analysis from English Lit classes, but there is so much going on in this awesome format. Here are some reasons why I love the short story:

1. Perfect transit reading

If you’re like me and spend hours standing, leaning, and sitting on various transit vehicles, it can be difficult to concentrate on a novel. Enter the short story! I can usually get through one or two on my commute. Especially when they are written by one of my literary boyfriends, Neil Gaiman.

2. Discover you new favourite author

Many authors write both short fiction and novel-length fiction. You may discover you new favourite writer in a collection of short stories written by various authors, like Dear Bully, a moving compilation about bullying.

3. Whet your appetite for your favourite author in between novels.

Can’t wait for the next book in a series? Short story collections set between the books or featuring some of the same characters can help pass that seemingly endless waiting period between books. I Am Number Four: The Lost Files collection is a great example.

4. Sometimes you’re just too tired to get deep into a novel

You’ve had a long day and need to read something before bed, but not sure you can commit to a novel? Try a short story! Just because something is short, doesn’t mean it’s not expertly crafted or memorable. Take for instance this fabulous collection of moving, contemporary stories by award-winning author Naomi Shihab Nye.

5. Return to some of your favourite worlds.

More authors are diving back into the world of their books to dig into the backstories of secondary characters or explore the world a little deeper. In Lauren Oliver‘s Delirium stories, learn about Lena’s best friend Hana, her enigmatic mother Annabel, and tough cookie rebel with a heart of gold Raven.

6. Try something new

Not sure if dystopia is for you? Want to see what the fuss is about fantasy? Dipping into a collection of stories in one genre is less daunting than diving into a full-length novel. You’ll also get a sense of the scope of the genre. Think of it as an appetizer sampler, but for books! Shards & Ashes contains short stories from some of the most fascinating YA dystopian authors.

7. Amazing range of selection

The short story is a format, not a genre, which means there is a huge variety of short story collections: humour, horror, steampunk, fantasy, contemporary, sports, dystopian, etc. You name it, there’s probably a short story collection about it.

8. All your favourite authors in one place

A short story collection is like the Oscars, but in literary form. If you were invited to a party with John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle, you’d want to be there, right? Well now you can! In book form!

9. You’re extremely busy

We all lead busy lives, but don’t let a hectic schedule get in the way of some quality reading!

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