Allegiant: The Countdown Begins!

It seems like Divergent is all anyone is talking about these days, with movie updates coming daily and excitement building for the October 22nd release of Allegiant. In case you missed it, here is Veronica Roth making the big title announcement:

Last week Veronica also visited the set and had this to say about it. Personally, I am stoked about the casting of Ashley Judd, who will be playing Tris’ mom, Natalie Prior.  Natalie is a mysterious and layered character. Anyone who has seen Judd in Double Jeopardy knows the actress can handle herself among the Dauntless.

Are you as excited as I am? Can’t wait for Allegiant? Here are some things to do in the meantime:

1. Declare your love to the world by adding this countdown widget to your blog:

2. Make your own Allegiant cover here.  Check out all of the fan-made covers on the Allegiant Covers  pinterest board.

3. Re-read the series.

4. Watch for movie updates, like this awesome picture of Shailene Woodley playing Tris in the iconic knife scene (don’t worry, they’re plastic!)

5. And, of course, join the conversation! Use the hashtag #Divergent to chat with other fans and all of us @HCCfrenzy!

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