Fakes Are Never in Fashion: Top 10 List & Giveaway!

Isabelle Laflèche’s new novel, J’adore Paris, is an exhilarating journey through high fashion (real and counterfeit), the war against fake consumer goods, and the irresistible realm of Parisian luxury.  To write this story, Isabelle went behind the scenes and did extensive research about the counterfeiting world. She now wants to share a piece of advice: Fakes are Never in Fashion.  Here’s a list of 10 reasons why:

1. Purchasing fake goods threatens the safety of consumers through products that have not been properly tested;

2. They offer a poor deal to consumers with no money-back guarantee;

3. They’re usually of very poor quality and fall apart quickly;

4. Wearing them can cause skin irritations due to poor quality of the materials;

5. Buying fakes causes job losses,

6. It affects the commercial viability of legitimate businesses, whose products are faked;

7. It harms the national economy through tax evasion;

8. It funds serious organized crime and terrorism.

9. It kills your chic & sophisticated look in a heartbeat (Oh look, she’s wearing a fake!)

10. As Rikash, one of the main characters of J’adore Paris, would say:  Nothing looks better than the real thing, dah-ling!

Want to learn more about the world of fashion fakes? Check out J’adore Paris by Isabelle Laflèche! And, just for you, we have a special giveaway. Enter below to win a copy of J’adore Paris and this charming purse!

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3 thoughts on “Fakes Are Never in Fashion: Top 10 List & Giveaway!

  1. I spent Paris Month with @JustALilLost reading every Paris related book I could get my hands on. I’m preparing myself for when my husband finally says, “Okay, sweetheart, book the flights.” Fingers crossed it’s this year! I’ll shop until he won’t let me shop anymore!

  2. I have read Isabelle’s book and it is WONDERFUL and doing a review of the book was so easy (I love reviews that write themselves). I also had the incredible luck of attending the Montreal book launch this week and it was simply the classiest event I have been to in a long time.
    I love this giveaway – thank you so much!!!

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