10 Author Websites to Check Out, 2013

All you loyal Savvy Readers may recall that last June we brought you our list of top 10 author websites – websites that effectively captured the author’s work, had a cool or unique concept, and/or were visually engaging.  After another year of web-surfing, we have realized that a mere 10 sites isn’t enough! So, we are back, with another list of 10 author websites you shouldn’t miss.

1. Dennis Lee: Dennis Lee.ca

Dennis Lee’s adorable website is not to be missed. With cool extras like reading guides, activities, and multimedia, this site really goes the extra mile and will keep you and your young ones captivated. You will even find video of familiar Canadian faces – amongst them, Margaret Atwood – reading from Lee’s classic book, Alligator Pie.

2. Shaena Lambert: shaenalambert.com

Shaena Lambert’s classy and professional website includes a Thoughts on Writing section where Lambert provides writing advice, useful for anyone who is an aspiring writer or simply interested in the craft. And, as Lambert is a critically acclaimed Canadian author, I’ll definitely be the first in line for that advice!

3. Lauren B. Davis: laurenbdavis.com

Looking for a new book for your book club? You might consider a Lauren B. Davis title after you see her fabulous website. In particular, check out the Book Clubs tab to see how Davis herself might get involved in your next book club meeting!

4. Oliver Jeffers: oliverjeffers.com

If you have ever seen his work, it will come as no surprise that Oliver Jeffers’s website is on this list. Jeffers is an artist and author of several gorgeous picture books, which you can view on his site. The site itself echoes Jeffers’ paintings and books in its visual appeal. Be sure to check out the gift shop where you can buy prints, books, and jewelry.

5. Lindsey Kelk: lindseykelk.wordpress.com

Were you, like me, devastated when Sex and the City came to an end? Not to worry, just visit author Lindsey Kelk’s website for your new weekly fix! Lindsey Kelk channels her inner Carrie Bradshaw in her blog about being a single thirty-something writer living in New York City. The blog reads like a Bradshaw column, as Kelk answers Carrie’s questions from each episode of Sex and the City.

6. Will Hill: www.willhillauthor.com/

YA Science fiction and fantasy fans will love Will Hill’s site, which includes regular updates about the author, events, and books. The site design and style effectively captures the feel of Hill’s edgy books.

7. Matt Haig: matthaig.com

Matt Haig’s website is choc-full of information about the author, his books, and upcoming events.  Haig includes up-to-date blog entries about his latest works, writing advice, and his musings on the craft of writing. Maybe the most entertaining aspect of the site, though, are the book trailers found in the video section of the site.

8. Veronica Roth: veronicarothbooks.blogspot.ca

Looking for the latest updates about the Divergent series? Best go straight to the source: Veronica Roth’s website includes need-to-know information about her books, events, and the upcoming film. Roth’s frequently-updated tumblr is also a great source to gain insights about Roth and the events surrounding her books. Roth shares photographs, entertaining messages, and words of advice.

9. Ken McGoogan: kenmcgoogan.com

Explore the world with “our hero,” Ken McGoogan. McGoogan’s site provides the latest information on his books: from his award-winning Fatal Passage to the much-praised How the Scots Invented Canada, and, of course, his latest highly-anticipated work 50 Canadians who Changed the World. Best of all, McGoogan regularly updates a highly entertaining and engaging blog where he weighs in on a wide range of topics from writing to history and his adventures in exploration. I’m ready to set sail!

10. Denise Mina: denisemina.co.uk/

This site is a visual powerhouse. It opens to a bookshelf from which you can navigate to learn about Mina’s novels (including her upcoming book Gods and Beasts), graphic novels, and biography. The remainder of the site has a very dark, moody feel to it, echoing the tone of Mina’s novels.

There you have it, Savvy Readers. Get to know your authors by checking out these wonderful sites! Let us know your thoughts – which of these sites do you like the best? Have you found any other fabulous author websites in your internet explorations? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

Until next time….

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