Wild Awake Week: EpicReads Guest Post

Team Epic Reads rarely finds a book that all members instantly fall in love with and obsess over equally but that rare event happened recently when we read WILD AWAKE by Hilary T. Smith. Here are 10 reasons why we fell in love with this debut and you will too.

(In no particular order. . .)

1. The cover design. We’ll let this photo speak for itself.

2. The main character. Kiri is flawed and fabulous. There is something so magical about someone so insanely talented and gifted who also perfects the art of screwing up and getting lost from time to time. Creative types will no doubt find a kinship with Kiri and understand her manic, crazy behavior.

3. SKUNK. What’s not love? He’s huge, he’s punk, he collects radios, he drinks tea, he rides bikes and knows how to fix them. Oh and he’s an amazing musician? Skunk is not your average love interest, but he’s certainly one you won’t forget anytime soon.

4. Where this book was written. According to her bio, Hilary T. Smith “wrote this book whil living in a van, on a houseboat, and in an off-the-grid cabin seven miles from the nearest paved road.” Somehow, this fact makes this book even more special and perfect.

5. Hilary T. Smith is kind of the coolest person ever. She’s a nomad, a total hippie and if you ever think you have interesting life stories to tell, guaranteed her stories can top yours.

6. Read it for the art. Graffiti, painting, classical piano music, rock music. While we wouldn’t call this an “art book,” it definitely feels that way sometimes. The story and writing style is as vivid and creative as the art and artists that live within its pages

7. It’s a standalone. This is a complete story. No waiting 3 years to find out the conclusion. Nope, just one totally satisfying story.

8. This book is 100% quoteable. If you’re the type of reader that likes to highlight or make notes of favorite sentences or passages you’re going to need a fresh highlighter or lots of space in your notebook because this book was similar to Jellicoe Road in the way that the prose is so beautiful you just want to highlight everything on the page.

9. It may take you a few days to read anything else. When we finished this book, we each experienced a bit of book hangover. It was hard to move on to another story because this one was sill occupying our minds for days after finishing it.

10. It’s an edgy read. Sex, drugs, battle of the bands, first love, mental illness, and murder all converge in this story. This book is not for everyone but it is for anyone who is looking for a stunningly-written, amazing, contemporary novel.

-The @EpicReads Team

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