Everything I Need to Know About Surviving the Apocalypse, I Learned From YA

Are you a survivor?

Today’s #EaryBirdBirthday giveaway is In The After, a riveting story about a girl living out an alien invasion in the company of a mute three year old.  I’m not so sure I have what it takes to survive the myriad of YA apocalypses out there, but here’s what I’ve learned so far:

1. If you can catch your own food, you’re half way there. –The Hunger Games

2. Never trust a government that destroys books. –Delirium

3. Keep up the cardio because you will be jumping, fighting, and running. A LOT. –Divergent

4. A basic knowledge of first aid can go a long way. –Partials

5. The world may be falling down around you, but there will always be a cute boy to distract you. –Under the Never Sky

6. Even rebels appreciate a good dress now and again. –The Selection

7. Nothing is stronger than family. –The 5th Wave

8. Always be suspicious of orderly, utopian communities. –In The After

9. Corrupt governments are bad, aliens/zombies/robots are terrible, but without trees, we are truly screwed.  –Breathe

10. Computer systems will always have glitches. –Matched

What survivor skills have YOU learned from YA? Join the conversation @HCCfrenzy and learn how to win an advanced copy of In The After!

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