The Frenzy Five: Eve Silver

The Frenzy Five is a reoccurring Q&A series where we ask your favourite YA authors the kind of things you REALLY want to know! This week, Eve Silver, author of the highly anticipated Rush is up to the challenge!

1. What was your favourite book when you were sixteen and why?

When I was sixteen, I didn’t just read books…I devoured them. Oh, wait, that isn’t all that different than now 😉 Picking just one book would be tough, so I’ll offer up a few titles/authors/genres. At sixteen, I was enthralled by anything written by V. C. Andrews, addicted to the elements of gothic horror and the forbidden. I remember reading Flowers in the Attic three times, back to back. I loved books by Stephen King and I discovered the chilling, appalling beauty of Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire. Funny thing is, I never liked watching horror movies, but I adored horror books.

Sixteen was also the age I discovered Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey with its tongue-in-cheek gothic sensibility. I read my first romance novel when I was around fifteen or sixteen and fell in love with the genre—I’m a sucker for a happy ending. And I read spy novels and anything by Jeffrey Archer. I guess you’d have called my tastes eclectic.

2. What is your favourite way to waste time?

Fun and funny question. If it’s a favourite, then is it really a waste of time? I’d say my secret timewaster is playing games on my iPad: Boggle, Scrabble, Solitaire, Fruit Ninja, The Room, and anything done by Big Fish. And, okay, I admit that I occasionally enjoy being a game spectator—sitting beside hubby and watching him play Call of Duty (though I don’t actually like playing that game myself) or watching the kids play Oblivion.

3. What are you reading now?

Right now, I have five books on the go: The Rising by Kelley Armstrong, an advance copy of Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by April Genevieve Tucholke, Bled and Breakfast by Michelle Rowen, a non-fiction book Money Rules by Gail Vaz-Oxlade, and a re-read of the Hack/Slash graphic novel omnibus volumes 1 through 4 by Tim Seeley.

4. If you could drop everything and go anywhere tomorrow, where would you go and why?

I’d go somewhere that I could drop my kayak in the water and just paddle. Maybe somewhere new to me like Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan or Lake Powell or Capo Vaticano in Italy, or somewhere tried and true like Lake Simcoe or Six Mile Lake. I’ve actually started a “where I want to kayak” board on Pinterest.

5. Describe your book in five words.

Adrenaline. Action. Emotion. Aliens. Romance.

Does an action-filled alien romance sound like your type of read? Check back Thursday for an additional guest post from Eve Silver and a chance to win a signed copy of Rush!

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